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Communication electronics

Communication devices and systems are for the main part electronic so that they ensure the efficient, successful transmission of information via various channels such as cables, fibre optics or free space. Young electronics technicians and engineers need to have a good knowledge of the basic physical principles of communication devices and systems in order to deal with more advanced topics such as modulation, communication circuits, transmitters and receivers, digital communication technologies, transmission circuits and fibre optics.

FACET ® : a fully integrated learning system for electronics

Communication is one of the four areas that make up the FACET® training system . Sturdy circuits and the associated courseware provide detailed information about communication technologies and the corresponding sub-areas.

Circuit boards are available for:

  • Analogue communication
  • Digital communication
  • Fibre optic communications
  • Communication transmission lines
  • QPSK/OQPSK/DPSK communication

In the website section on this topic, you will find detailed descriptions and the training content for each board as well as information about the FACET® hardware and courseware.