Heating and cooling

Technology for a pleasant indoor atmosphere

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems provide a pleasant indoor atmosphere and protect temperature- or moisture-sensitive goods, devices or systems. These systems normally operate unnoticed in the background, as long as they do not malfunction. But if they do, a qualified technician must take action!

Learning systems for advanced HVAC topics

Once students have completed the training on the fundamentals of HVAC, they are ready to explore our range of more in-depth topics. That is why we have selected specific core topics and developed appropriate training solutions. These learning systems cover topics such as safety, tools, coolants, system operation characteristics, efficiency testing, electricity and controllers.

All systems include parts from residential, industrial or office environments. Comprehensive teachware and practical exercises are available as accessories. Experiments simulate various typical and realistic scenarios.


Building management systems

The learning system for building management technology is designed to help trainers teach the fundamentals of modern HVAC control systems using commercially available components with the BACnet communication protocol from Johnson Controls, a world-renowned manufacturer.

Further information

Learning system heat pump

Heat pumps

With this learning system, students acquire practical knowledge of typical household heat pumps.

Clearly marked, separate circuits are connected via a four-way reversing valve to simulate heating and cooling operation. The system can also be used to demonstrate time-controlled, automatic defrosting and electrical backup heating. Using manual and programmable thermostats, students implement different scenarios in a drying chamber.

Geothermal learning system

Geothermal energy

The learning system for geothermal energy fully replicates a real residential geothermal system.

This learning system can be used to teach the fundamentals of heat transfer, cooling and air conditioning technology in geothermal systems. It is geared towards future system developers and designers, maintenance technicians and students who are involved in energy efficiency.