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Electrical installations

From the main power source to common applications

Electrical distribution systems supply energy for lighting, heating, machine operation, etc. in industrial projects and buildings. Electrical engineers have the task of designing, installing and maintaining electrical systems in accordance with order specifications and local standards or regulations.

Safe wiring of a wide range of devices

The safety and protection of people, property and equipment requires sound basic knowledge of electrical circuits, components and electronic control devices as well as their wiring.

Our learning systems cover a broad spectrum of work assignments and practical exercises with realistic and industry-compliant learning equipment and touch on essential topics in this field, including motor controllers, generators, fire alarm systems, transformers, etc.

Selected learning solutions:

Industrial-wiring-learning system

Learning systems for industrial cabling

  • Developed for training electricians and electrical maintenance engineers in accordance with the National Electrical Code ®(NEC ®)

  • There are three systems available for comprehensive coverage: basic principles, level 1 and level 2. All systems consist of UL-compliant industrial-class components.

Fire detection system-learning systems

Learning systems for fire alarm systems

  • For training fire alarm technicians
  • Learning systems for conventional and addressable fire alarm systems