Pipe-heating-valve fitting category

Pipes and heating valves and fittings

For smooth flows in industrial processes

Machine and pipe fitters manufacture, assemble, install, maintain and repair pipes that transport water, steam, chemicals or fuel for heating, cooling and lubrication systems and other industrial processes.

Design, implementation and troubleshooting for various system configurations

The successful training of qualified pipe fitters is essentially about developing manual skills and acquiring special knowledge of material properties, mathematics, physical principles, mechanical principles, etc.

We offer trainers learning platforms on piping that combine sturdy, modular devices with detailed practical tasks and have been specially designed for the successful preparation and installation of pipes and valves/fittings according to drawings and plans using standard tools.

Selected learning solution:

Learning system for piping

Learning system for piping and back pressure protection

  • Develop skills for creating, installing and testing piping circuits made of different materials.
  • Teach students how to comply with and enforce safety regulations when working at industrial sites.
  • The learning system for back pressure protection includes check valves that are most commonly used in private and commercial installations.