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Digital input module CPX-E-16DI

CPX-E-16DI Part no.  4080492
  • Individual components for the automation system CPX-E
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Dimensions W x L x H
18.9 mm x 76.6 mm x 124.3 mm
Vibration resistance
Transport application test with severity level 1 as per FN 942017-4 and EN 60068-2-6
Electrical connection input, function
Digital input
Note on ambient temperature
-5 - 60 °C for vertical installation
Intrinsic current consumption at nominal operating voltage for electronics/sensors
Typically 15 mA
Electrical connection for input, information on conductor cross section
0.2 - 2.5 mm² for flexible conductors without cable end sleeves
Electrical connection for input, connection pattern
Diagnostics via bus
Sensor supply short circuit/overload
Permissible voltage fluctuations for electronics/sensors
± 25 %
Electrical input connection, connection technology
Spring-loaded terminal
Shock resistance
Shock test with severity level 1 as per FN 942017-5 and EN 60068-2-27
Electrical connection input, connection type
8x terminal strip
Module parameters
Signal extension time
Sensor supply short circuit diagnostics
Response to short circuit/overload
Input debounce time
Diagnostics via LED
Faults per module
Status per channel
Channel parameters
Signal extension
Nominal operating voltage DC for electronics/sensors
24 V
Electrical connection, input, number of pins/wires
Electrical connection for input, conductor cross section
0.2 mm² ... 1.5 mm²
Width dimension
18.9 mm
Type code
No. of inputs
Input debounce time
0.1 ms
10 ms
3 ms
20 ms
Fuse protection (short circuit)
Internal electronic fuse per module
Max. residual current of inputs per module
1.8 A
Electrical isolation between channel and internal bus
Electrical isolation between channels
Switching level
Signal 1: >= 11 V
Signal 0: <= 5 V
CE marking (see declaration of conformity)
As per EU EMC directive
Corrosion resistance class (CRC)
0 - No corrosion stress
Storage temperature
-20 °C ... 70 °C
Relative air humidity
95 %
Degree of protection
Ambient temperature
-5 °C ... 50 °C
RCM compliance mark
Product weight
102 g
Max. address capacity inputs
2 byte
Input characteristics
As per IEC 61131-2, type 3
Input switching logic
3-wire sensors as per IEC 61131-2
PNP (positive switching)
2-wire sensors as per IEC 61131-2
Type of mounting
With H-rail
Note on materials
Contains paint-wetting impairment substances
Housing material

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