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Dimensions W x L x H
85 mm x 122.9 mm x 55.1 mm
85 mm x 122.9 mm x 55.1 mm
Fieldbus interface
Socket, M12 (AS-i Out)
Plug, M12 (AS-i In)
Device-specific diagnostics
AS-i voltage
AS-i address
Watchdog/I/O status
Additional supply missing or undervoltage
Max. no. of valve positions
Response delay inputs
Typ. 3 ms at 24 V
Number of slaves per device
Operating voltage range DC electronics/sensors
US+ / US- : <= AS-Interface bus voltage - 2.5V
AS-Interface DC operating voltage range
26.5 V ... 31.6 V
DC load voltage operating voltage range
21.6 V ... 26.4 V
Information concerning load voltage
Via load voltage connection (24 V DC)
Logic level digital inputs
ON: 11 - 30V
OFF: -30 - 5V
Max. number of inputs
AS interface residual ripple
<= 20 mVss
Load voltage residual ripple
4 Vss
Current consumption with load voltage from AS-Interface and load voltage connection
Max. total current at inputs 350 mA
Max. total current at outputs MPA1: 540 mA
Max. total current at outputs MPA2: 1065 mA
Corrosion resistance class (CRC)
1 - Low corrosion stress
Storage temperature
-20 °C ... 40 °C
Degree of protection
Ambient temperature
-5 °C ... 50 °C
Product weight
360 g
Input characteristics
As per IEC 1131-2, type 02
Input switching logic
PNP (positive switching)
Addressing range
Standard slave: 1 ... 31
LED display (bus-specific)
AS-i: AS-Interface mode
Aux/Pwr: AS-Interface power supply
Fault: AS interface fault
LED display (product-specific)
Signal at input/output
Product identification
ID code: ID=Fh, ID1=Fh, ID2=Eh
IO code: 7h
Profile: S-7.F.E
Type of mounting
With through-hole
With H-rail
Housing material
Die-cast aluminum
Note on materials