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Clamping modules of the EV type series are extremely flat diaphragm actuators with short strokes. With these modules, Festo is practically the only company to offer this technology. These pneumatic actuators are very small size and have a particularly low height. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for clamping tasks for these products, such as use in narrow gaps. In spite of the limited installation space, very high clamping forces can be achieved, which are indispensable in clamping technology. The largest size of the EV clamping modules achieves a clamping force of up to 1640 N.There are round designs and an elongated one with which both two-dimensional and more linear-oriented clamping tasks can be realized. The simple design also allows operation without stick-slip effects.
In addition, the hermetically sealed design means that there are hardly any restrictions on the location of use. However, the clamping modules are only allowed to be used if the maximum stroke can be limited by a fixed counter-stop. EV clamping modules can compensate for unevenness and dimensional deviations excellently.