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Hinge cylinders DFAW

The DFAW is a pneumatic hinge cylinder that is optimized for use in the welding process and is used, among other things, in body-in-white production. Characteristic of this clamp cylinder is the rod clevis at the end of the piston rod and the articulated fork on the bearing cap for easy mounting in clamping equipment.
With its sintered bronze bushes, the pneumatic hinge cylinder from Festo has a low-friction bearing material on the fork head and articulated fork. It is possible to choose between four different fork gaps. In addition, an integrated flow control and self-adjusting end-position cushioning (PPS) support the commissioning of this cylinder. A piston rod scraper against welding spatter is another feature of this actuator. Festo offers the hinge cylinder in three sizes and with a stroke of up to 200 mm. A force of up to 3016 N can be achieved with the largest piston diameter.
Two different versions of a clamping unit are optionally available. In the unpressurized status, the clamping unit allows the piston rod to be attached to any position and thus – depending on the selection – prevent extension or retraction.
The clamping unit is automatically unlocked when extending or retracting. No separate control is required for this. A magnetic piston supplies the signal for position sensing, with proximity sensors, including magnetic field-resistant proximity sensors, available as accessories. For mounting proximity sensors, a T-slot or a hexagonal sensor rail can be selected as an accessory.