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Three-point grippers

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Selection Guide

Three-point gripper DHDS

As a standard gripper, this three-point gripper can be used universally and versatilely in various applications across all industries. The pneumatic three-point gripper has a high power density in the smallest space and offers an attractive price/performance ratio. A three-point gripper is suitable wherever the workpiece has to be centered and placed in the middle. Even round objects can be gripped safely with this gripper.

Three-point gripper HGDD

The robust pneumatic three-point gripper is available in this version as a sealed version. The gripper kinematics are completely sealed and suitable for use in extremely harsh, e.g. dusty or wet ambient conditions. The robust T-slot guide makes it possible to grip heavy objects at high torques.

Three-point grippers HGDT

The robust three-point gripper can be used anywhere. The gripper jaws have a load-bearing T-slot, which ensures a high torque absorption. The oval piston offers 30% more force than conventional grippers. This gripper is also available as a high-force variant.