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Quarter turn actuator DRRD

Festo's DRRD pneumatic quarter turn actuator is not only in demand in handling and assembly technology. Due to the combination of high load capacity, accuracy and economy, the rotary actuator with rack/pinion can be used universally. With a bandwidth of 0.2 to over 110 Nm torque, the DRRD is thus also suitable for applications with the highest mass moment of inertia. The swivel angle of the DRRD can be continuously adjusted up to 200°.
Thanks to its innovative bearing technology, the DRRD achieves very high precision and load capacity. In addition, the wide range of options is one of the strengths of the double-piston actuator.
Different elastic and hydraulic shock absorbers offer suitable end-position cushioning for every application. Depending on whether the focus is on the shortest possible swivel times or a high mass moment of inertia: External hydraulic cushioning also ensures the end position is reached and held with high-precision and without backlash.
Position detection is possible for additional safety. The sensing can be either internal via the piston position or external directly on the flange. In addition, the use of mechanical end-position holding prevents unintentional movement in the unpressurized status.
With an intermediate position module, the quarter turn actuator can also be positioned in a mid-position. The intermediate position can be approached from both end positions and sensed separately. With the aid of an integrated energy through-feed, electrical signals and compressed air can be carried through the DRRD's hollow shaft. This enables quick and easy supply of the parts connected to the flange (e.g. gripper).
The wide product range of the twin-piston drive is completed by a splash-proof design, an ATEX approval for use in potentially hazardous environments and a drive shaft that can be mounted directly on the flange shaft.
As part of Festo's core product range, the DRRD series is available from stock worldwide. Short delivery times and good service are thus ensured.