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Swivel actuators

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Swivel actuator DSL

The DSL pneumatic actuator from Festo combines linear and swivel movements in a compact unit. Both functions can be controlled and moved independently of each other. Linear and swivel movements are thus matched to each other depending on the application. The swivel angle is infinitely variable up to 270°.
Elastic and hydraulic cushioning options on the swivel element offer suitable end-position cushioning for every application. Depending on whether the focus is on short cycle times, high energy absorption in the end position or a repeat accuracy of maximum 0.1°: In addition to high precision, the cushioning elements allow easy fine adjustment of the swivel angle in the end positions.
The swivel actuator can be selected as a version with plain bearing guide or recirculating ball bearing guide. The recirculating ball bearing guide enables high precision and a backlash-free swivel movement. A moment load is also possible during the linear movement. With the attractively priced plain bearing guide, a linear stroke of up to 200 mm is possible.
Both the position of the quarter turn actuator and that of the linear unit can be monitored independently of each other by proximity sensors.