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Controllers CECC

The controllers of the CECC series are electronic compact controllers for the lower to medium power range. The concept corresponds to the "all-in-one" approach. The controllers offer integrated inputs and outputs as well as various communication interfaces and are designed for installation in the control cabinet (degree of protection IP20).
The product range consists of 3 variants with different technical configurations. The CECC-D is designed for simple applications where mainly digital signals are processed. With the CECC-LK, communication is addressed via an IO-Link. The CECC-S with its encoder interface is designed for special applications with counting functions. All controllers have an Ethernet interface and a CAN bus master. The controllers are programmed with CoDeSys V3 (IEC 61131-3).

Control systems CECX

The CECX control system is Festo's modular controller platform with IP20 degree of protection. In addition to the CECC compact controller series and the CPX-CEC embedded controller in the CPX system, the CECX modular controller supplements the product range in the upper performance range and thus meets higher requirements in terms of PLC function and motion control functions.
CECX is available in two versions: as a CoDeSys V2 controller without motion functions (CECX-X-C1) and as a motion controller (CECX-X-M1). The main difference between the two controllers is that the CECX-X-M1 is equipped with the additional "SoftMotion" software package within CoDeSys V2 and thus coordinated multi-axis movements can be implemented.
In both variations, all option and peripheral modules (digital, analog, etc.) as well as fieldbus modules can be used.
CECX is ideally suited in its configuration to optimally support Festo's pneumatic and electric drive technology. Functionally, the CECX controller is designed as a master controller and motion controller. It is a powerful control unit that can perform extensive PLC functions as well as multi-axis movements with interpolation. The variety of available functional modules (digital, analog, counter, etc.) makes the CECX a universal controller that is suitable for general mechanical engineering. In addition to the hardware modules, the functionality of the system is mainly defined via the software functions within CoDeSys.

The following libraries are available:
- Communication drivers
- Technology components (e.g. PID controllers)
- SoftMotion library for motion control
- PLCopen blocks, part 1/2
- Cam disc editor
- CNC editor

In terms of communication, the CECX offers:
- CAN bus interface
- Profibus master/slave modules
- Ethernet interface
- Serial interface modules (RS232/485)
- Modbus-TCP server

Individual controllers CESA

Gateways are used to enable communication between different systems. With the CESA gateway, Festo offers the possibility of connecting the ASI network with higher-level bus systems. The gateway is available in different configurations. Gateways for CANopen and Profibus systems are available. The gateways act as masters for ASI communication and as slaves for the higher-level bus system. Software is available for setting the device parameters. Commissioning and diagnosis is also possible directly on the device without software.