Pneumatic and electropneumatic controllers

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Command memory modules and pulse stage interconnections

A special electro-pneumatic command memory module enables the combination of recurring start and stop functions as well as operating mode preselection conditions. A pulse stage chain consists of a number of command memory elements (bistable valves), the pulse stage modules. These are interconnected in such a way that a switching step can only be triggered if it is its turn, i.e. if the previous switching step has been successfully executed and this has been confirmed. A pulse stage module is assigned to each switching step or single cycle. Electropneumatic controllers according to the pulse stage method offer a clear structure and are service-friendly thanks to an integrated pressure indicator and manual override.

Pulse oscillator VLG

The pulse oscillator (multivibrator) is used to generate continuously adjustable signals in controllers. It is used for fast cylinder movements in diaphragm cylinders and single or also double-acting actuators. Short stroke, fast piston rod movements are necessary to excite vibratory conveyors, for knocking dirt off extraction systems, for bunkering or for moving smaller sieve shaker systems.