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Integrated drives EMCA

The EMCA positioning drive is a brushless direct current motor (EC motor) for positioning tasks with integrated power, control and regulation electronics.
This avoids long motor cables, improves electromagnetic compatibility and reduces the installation workload and space requirements.
It has 64 freely programmable position blocks and absolute position detection:

  • Standard: single-turn absolute encoder
  • optional: Multi-turn absolute measuring system with integrated buffer for storing the position values of movements for up to 7 days (without external power supply). The time can be extended by means of an external battery box
  • optional: integrated holding brake incl. control
  • Bus protocol: CANopen, Ethernet/IP, Modbus, PROFINET, EtherCAT
  • Digital IO, IO version
  • Safety function: "Safe Torque Off" (STO)
  • Degree of protection can be selected:
    • Standard: IP54 housing and connection technology
    • optional: IP65 housing and connection technology for increased demands


  • Standard: Planetary gear and angle stage (in stock)
  • Special gear units on request
  • optional: External braking resistor can be connected, the braking resistor chopper/control is integrated in the EMCA

Drive sizing is carried out via PositioningDrives – EMCA and gear unit sizing.
Commissioning takes place via Ethernet interface with Festo Configuration Tool (FCT).