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Servo drives

The servo drive program offers a simple and cost-effective way to implement electrical movements; in particular, the OMS (Optimized Motion Series) makes moving and positioning easier than ever before – and much more cost-effective than conventional electrical solutions. All our servo drives controllers offer the possibilities of being operated "open loop" and "closed loop", i.e. with encoder. This considerably increases performance and makes it possible to prevent step losses and compensate for contouring errors. Festo Servo drives use ServoLite technology based on sinusoidal signals, which enables much more precise and smooth control than the conventional microstepping method.
I/O, IO-Link, Modbus®, CANopen and Profibus offer an ideal possibility to operate our stepper drives quickly and easily on any PLC controller.

Servo drives

The range of servo drives is specially designed for our belt driven and ball screw linear actuators as well as for our electric cylinders – perfectly combined with engineering software and enhanced with complete safety solutions in the mechanical and drive systems. Together with our automation platform and other integrated motion control solutions, the servo drives provide a virtually unlimited spectrum of solutions for industrial automation tasks, supported with innovative software solutions for engineering and configuration. The variety of available field buses such as PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT®, Profibus, Modbus®, CANopen and DeviceNet® makes the servo drives ideally suited for communication with almost all PLC controllers.