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One way valves

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The GRxA and GRxZ products are check valves. These versions are used as the preferred standard solution for applications in pneumatics, e.g. for speed control of double or single-acting actuators/cylinders by means of exhaust air or supply air flow control directly on the actuator.


The VFOH/CRGRLA variations are check valves (exhaust air flow controls) which are used in special applications. In areas of the food processing industry as an easy-to-clean solution or where an increased temperature range (up to 150 °C) and corrosion resistance (KBK3, 4) are required, these products offer optimum conditions. In pneumatic applications, these products are used for speed control directly on the cylinder (e.g. DSBF).


The VFOC variations are check valves (supply air flow controls). Simple and quick installation is carried out via a push-in sleeve directly at the QS push-in connector, e.g. at the valve outlet. In pneumatic applications, these products are used for speed control directly on the cylinder (e.g. DSBF).

Line installation GR

The GR versions are check valves and are an optimum solution when direct mounting to the actuator is not possible due to installation conditions or other environmental influences. The offer includes a sturdy metal design and a product family for lightweight construction in polymer.

With roller lever GG, GGO, GRR

The GG/GGO products are check valves with roller lever. With the GG type, the controlled flow rate (volumetric flow rate) is released by actuating the roller lever. With the GGO type, the flow rate is controlled or closed by actuating the roller lever. Independent of the pilot control, the full cross-section is available in the reverse flow direction. With the GRR type, both functions can be achieved by repositioning the roller lever (activating/restricting the flow rate). These valves are used to change a preselectable flow rate during a motion sequence. This allows, for example, a defined initial speed for single and double-acting cylinders to be changed during operation.

Precision check valves GRP

The GRP is a check valve that enables precise, infinitely variable regulation of small flow rates in the range from 0.03 to 165 L/min. The scale on the product offers reproducibility and documentation of the setting parameters. There are two different versions – with/without non-return function. Mounting is possible either as front panel mounting or on a mounting plate using the appropriate accessories. In pneumatic applications, this product is also often used as a dosing valve.