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Vision sensors SBSx

The vision sensors SBSx are the easy entry into image processing and, depending on the model family, enable reading of 1D/2D codes or quality inspection of parts. In the SBSI model variants, the lighting and optics are already integrated in the compact IP67 housing designed for harsh industrial environments. The vision sensors SBSC are also available as a C-mount variant. If necessary, external lighting, SBAL, can be connected directly to the image processing systems.

Smart camera SBRD-Q

The Smart Camera SBRD-Q is a remote head machine vision system. Two remote camera heads of the SBPB series can be connected to the evaluation unit. Resolutions from 1.3 megapixels up to 5 megapixels are available. The system is parameterized with the engineering software CCS (Camera Configuration Studio). The software enables fast and comprehensive solution creation and is addressed to beginners as well as professionals in industrial image processing.

Checkbox Compact CHB-C-N

The Checkbox Compact CHB-C-N is an intelligent image processing system with adaptive workpiece flow control and optical workpiece identification. It sorts small parts according to type, position orientation, quality as well as quantity (with quantity preselection). It is particularly suitable for fault-free feeding of small parts, especially when dealing with high workpiece volumes and a large number of different types. Faulty parts are reliably rejected with the Checkbox Compact, the assembly of incorrect part types is avoided, and setup times are reduced to a minimum.