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D series, polymer

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Pressure regulators LR-DB

The LR-DB pressure regulator has a polymer housing. It has a pressure range up to 7 bar outlet pressure and 10 bar inlet pressure and is characterized by a high flow rate with good pressure stability across the flow rate range. In addition, its polymer housing makes it particularly lightweight. The rotary knob setting can be locked as standard. This controller is available in one size with a flow rate of up to approx. 1,300 L/min.

Pressure regulating valve manifolds LRB-DB-K

The LRB-DB-K blockable controllers are pre-assembled combinations of either 2, 3, 4 or 5 pre-assembled controllers with supply air fed through to set up a controller manifold for supplying and regulating pressure in independent system areas. The pressure range goes up to 7 bar outlet pressure and 10 bar inlet pressure.