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Ball valve

Ball valves enable the control and switching of media. A ball is rotated in a sealing principle for control. The sealing system consists of the ball and one or more seat rings. Ball valves differ in material types, sealing principles and connection standards. The resulting fields of application range from simple applications in factory automation to demanding applications in the chemicals or pharmaceuticals industry.

Angle seat valve

An angle seat valve is an externally controlled valve installed in pipelines for shutting off the flow of liquids and gases. Due to an appropriate design, they can produce a uniform flow pattern across the flow cross-section and are therefore also suitable as control valves. On-off valves have a valve plate or valve poppet with plastic sealing disks, a valve spindle and a sealing package for sealing them.

Pinch valve

The pinch valve is an externally controlled valve used in pipelines to shut off the flow of liquids, pastes, granulates and dusts. The shut-off element is a tubular pinch valve sleeve made of elastomer. When compressed air is applied, the valve opens or closes depending on the respective neutral position (NO – normally open – or NC – normally closed).

Solenoid valve for media

Solenoid valves for media are used in a wide range of applications to shut off media flows. It is possible to control both liquids and gases. This is done by opening and closing a valve seat controlled by an electromagnet. Depending on the design principle, a basic distinction is made between directly controlled, servo-controlled and force pilot operated valves.

Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves are valves that are used to control pipelines. A rotating disk changes the flow cross-section in a highly functional, sturdy, low-wear, safe and corrosion-resistant manner. This makes our solutions even stronger for you. In combination with Festo first-class actuators, this results in very good shut-off solutions for all industrial applications with a wide variety of media. The right process fitting for every application, e.g. when it comes to safety-relevant applications. The VZAV is suitable for neutral or slightly aggressive liquids and gases in industrial applications, in building services engineering or in water treatment. If more aggressive media are used, VZAF is the butterfly valve of choice. The double eccentric butterfly valve VZAG is suitable for highly corrosive applications or even clean room applications.

Diaphragm valve

They offer 100% more flow for the same energy cost, and linear flow characteristics for more efficiency and consistent, stable processes. VZDG diaphragm valves are also pioneering in terms of safety and efficiency. The central polymer fitting ensures homogenous heat expansion characteristics. This means there is no need to re-tighten the mounting screws. And the even surface pressure provides total leak-tightness at pressures of 6 to 10 bar. The minimized dead space guarantees maximum hygiene.

Non return valve

Non return valves are used to allow media to flow in only one direction. From a functional point of view, a distinction is made between two types of non return mechanism, spring reset or fluid reset.

Ball valve actuator unit

The ball valve actuator units are used in manufacturing and process automation processes where media are automatically controlled. The pre-assembled pneumatic units with single or double-acting quarter turn actuators are an efficient and safe solution for the automated use of ball valves. Pre-assembly ensures that the ball valve opens fully when actuated and an optimum flow rate is achieved.