Electric cylinders and slides

Electric cylinders and slides

With electric cylinders from Festo, you can generate force and speed via linear actuator with a piston rod to implement various work processes in your system with a perfect execution. Our compact electric slides are also designed for a variety of uses in different fields of application. In our product portfolio, you will find a wide range of different electric cylinders and mini slides.

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Definition of an electric cylinder

An electric cylinder is an actuator that performs linear motion by means of a servomotor or stepper motor. It consists of a ball screw and a piston rod, which is extended and retracted and generates the linear motion, similar to a pneumatic cylinder. Electric cylinders can be used in a wide range of applications, including assembly technology, packaging technology and factory automation, as well as robotics and material handling.

Difference: Electric cylinders and pneumatic cylinders

Unlike pneumatic cylinders, which use compressed air, electric cylinders use electric motors to create linear motion. Electric cylinders, also known as electric actuators, are typically more precise and provide better control of motion than pneumatic cylinders. Electric cylinders also have the advantage of being quieter than pneumatic cylinders. Pneumatic cylinders use compressed air to create motion that can produce a hissing sound when the air is released. In the case of electric cylinders, on the other hand, the movement is generated almost silently with the aid of electricity.

Fields of application for electric cylinders

Electric cylinders have a wide range of applications in various industries such as assembly technology, packaging technology and factory automation as well as robotics and material handling. In robotics or handling technology, the drive can be used to move, align and manipulate objects. In factory automation, the linear actuator can be used to automate tasks such as assembly and packaging (e.g., a part can be placed in the correct position for assembly or a product can be picked up and placed in a packaging container). In material handling, on the other hand, drive technology can be used to move and position objects in warehouses and other environments (e.g., to move a pallet of goods from one place to another or to adjust the height of a conveyor belt).

Definition of an electric slide

Electric slides are devices that convert the rotary motion of the servomotor or stepper motor into a linear motion. The electromechanical solution consists of a motor, a spindle or ball screw and a slide that moves along the guide. Linear slides are commonly used in applications that require precise, controlled linear motion, such as custom handling systems or robotics, machine tools or factory automation, assembly technology or the packaging industry.