Rotary actuators

Semi-rotary drives

Pneumatic semi-rotary drives from Festo enable rotary movements up to a swivel angle of 270°. Whether with vane drive or gear rack drive: highest precision is just as characteristic as the high performance and variety of the drives. Our pneumatic drives are used in a wide range of industries for factory automation, for example.

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Our compact semi-rotary drives offer convincing performance within a small installation space, high permissible mass moments of inertia and interrogability with sensors. Specified types are also available as modules with additional functions or are suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with the ATEX directive.

Rotary vane actuators

Festo rotary vane actuators are compact and inexpensive drives, and are available in two series: the DRVS series are semi-rotary drives optimized for the rotary function, particularly light and compact. The swivel angle is either fixed or adjustable using optional accessories. The DSM series offers many optional features, including especially powerful hydraulic cushioning for high energy. The swivel angles of the DSM semi-rotary drives are infinitely adjustable over the entire swivel range and offer high precision thanks to metallic fixed stops.

Vane actuators

Rack-and-pinion drives

Our rotary drives with rack-and-pinion principle offer with very high accuracy in the end positions, maximum load capacity of the bearing, very good axial run-out at the output shaft and high mass moments of inertia due to powerful cushioning. The DRRD series offers many optional functions that facilitate use in handling and assembly technology: centre position module, energy through-feed, etc. With variable mounting options, the twin-piston drives are ideal for combining with other Festo drives and grippers.

Rack and pinion actuators

Semi-rotary drives with linear drive

Festo DSL swivel/linear units are a combination of compact semi-rotary drive with rotary vane technology and linear cylinder. They offer high repetition accuracy thanks to cushioning components with fixed stop. The swivel angles can be infinitely and accurately set. With simple plain-bearing guide or precise recirculating ball bearing guide, swivel movements up to 270° and linear movements up to 200 mm stroke are possible.

Swivel actuators