Other pneumatic devices

Other pneumatic components

Pneumatics are used in automation technology to transmit movement or force with the help of compressed air. Festo is your partner for pneumatic devices in automation technology: as the world's leading supplier of standardized and customized automation solutions; our product range includes pneumatic actuators, valves and valve terminals, sensors and intelligent control systems, as well as a wide range of other pneumatic components for industrial automation.

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Functional safety with pneumatic devices from Festo

For Festo, the quality of pneumatic components consists of many facets – safety in handling machines is one of them. Our safety-oriented automation technology for pneumatic devices gives you the certainty that your workplace is as safe as possible. In the field of industrial automation, we support you in the implementation of functional safety in pneumatic automation technology.

Pneumatic components from Festo are therefore developed, tested and qualified in accordance with the relevant standards. Technical reports help you to implement the safety functions of our pneumatic devices in accordance with the standards.

Your path to a safe machine: this is what distinguishes pneumatic devices from Festo:

  • Machine safety for all automation areas from a single source
  • Festo safety devices are certified according to all the current standards and thus reduce the design time
  • All characteristic values for standard products are also available online
  • Quick and easy calculation of the risk reduction

Pneumatic components for industrial automation

Pneumatic devices from Festo can be used universally or configured individually depending on the application. In addition to pneumatic assembly tools, air reservoirs and compressed air guns, our product portfolio also includes a variety of elements for reducing exhaust air noise (silencers).

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Air reservoirs

Festo compressed air accumulators are used to compensate for pressure fluctuations and to provide larger quantities of compressed air to supply fast-cycling actuators. The pneumatic components are characterized by their particularly high corrosion resistance and conform to EU directives.

Air receiver tanks

Compressed air pistols

Festo compressed air guns are used as pneumatic devices for safely blowing off parts with compressed air in the processing industry. Our range of compressed air guns includes:

  • Festo air gun LSP: precise, infinitely variable, lever-operated flow metering
  • Festo air nozzle LPZ: With air shield or noise damping

Compressed air guns


Reduce the noise level of your system – with pneumatic silencers from Festo. Our pneumatic components are available in many variants: in small and long or short designs, in plastic or die-cast versions. Special open silencers with an outlet opening enable the trouble-free operation of a vacuum generator.

Pneumatic mufflers

Other pneumatic devices from Festo

Pneumatic components in Festo quality

As a leading international supplier of pneumatic devices in automation technology, Festo offers the right solution for every requirement. Ready-to-install automation systems and a needs-based service offering that ranges from customized products to special support and services make us a convincing partner for our customers in industrial automation.

FAQs – frequently asked questions clearly explained

What are pneumatics used for in industrial automation?

Pneumatics are used in industrial automation to transmit movement or force – this is usually done with the help of compressed air. The movement itself is implemented with actuators; valves are used to be able to control the actuators ultimately. Components of a simple pneumatic system are, for example: cylinder, directional control valve and other pneumatic components.

Pneumatic devices from Festo: what solutions are available?

Festo's range of pneumatic devices includes both ready-to-install automation systems and customized solutions for industrial processing.

Choose from a variety of:

  • Pneumatic and servo-pneumatic actuator technology
  • Pneumatic valves and valve terminals
  • Sensors, intelligent Compact Vision Systems and controllers
  • Pneumatic devices for compressed air preparation, tubing and angle seat fittings

Where are pneumatic components from Festo used?

Festo pneumatic devices for actuator technology stand for innovation and maximum productivity in industrial and process automation – from individual products to turnkey solutions. Our pneumatic devices are characterized by their particularly high functional safety and are used wherever high-quality solutions are required for smooth automation technology.