Vacuum generators

Festo vacuum generators

Festo vacuum generators have a single-stage design and work according to the Venturi principle, i.e. they generate the vacuum from compressed air. With the Venturi principle, compressed air is fed into the ejector and accelerated to supersonic speed in what is referred to as the Venturi gland, a cross-sectional narrowing of the jet nozzle. As soon as the air has passed through the jet nozzle, a negative pressure is created and the air is sucked in through the suction opening. Compressed air and intake air can escape together through the female nozzle as exhaust air from the vacuum generator.

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Advantages of pneumatic vacuum generators

Vacuum generators that work according to the Venturi principle are assigned to the group of pneumatic vacuum generators and can be almost universally integrated directly into the system due to their compact design. In contrast to electrical vacuum generation with a pump or blower, pneumatic vacuum generators are independent of the power supply and are operated via a compressed air connection. They also have intelligent functions for energy and process control and are particularly suitable for very high accelerations. Depending on the workpiece and application, Festo vacuum generators achieve different performance classes.

Vacuum generators from the Festo core range

Festo has three compact and cost-effective vacuum generators in its core range. The vacuum generator OVEL has a particularly low weight, which can be used in a variety of ways thanks to the different power levels and vacuum types. The pneumatic vacuum generator VN can be used directly in the work area and is available either as a straight shape (inline: vacuum connection aligned with the compressed air connection) or a T-shape (standard: vacuum connection at 90° to the compressed air connection). Our electro-pneumatic vacuum generator VN can also be used directly in the work area. Its features include maintenance-free operation and a reduced sound pressure level thanks to an integrated silencer. Other vacuum generators, including those with IO-Link® and fully assembled option, are available in our shop.

Product features of our vacuum generators

All of our vacuum generators share the same compact and robust design. They can be connected in many ways, for example via QS plug-in connection , socket, screw-in thread or a screw-in silencer. For maximum flexibility, Festo vacuum generators are attached either with screws or indirectly by snapping them into place on a mounting plate. Choose from numerous optional functions to customize our vacuum generators to your needs.