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Precision pressure regulators LRP, LRPS

The LRP and LRPS precision pressure regulators are suitable for sensitive applications with a required pressure hysteresis of 0.02 bar. The outlet pressure p2 is adjustable within the pressure regulation range.
These regulators enable precise pressure setting in both static and dynamic applications. Operating pressure fluctuations are almost entirely compensated. They are characterized by good response to rapid changes in operating pressure and flow rate.
They are available in sizes 40 mm with 1/8" connection thread and 300 L/min standard nominal flow rate as well as 50 mm with ¼" connection thread and 2,300 L/min standard nominal flow rate.

Electrical pressure regulators PREL

Electrically controlled pressure control valve with a pressure regulation range up to 40 bar for high pressure applications. The outlet pressure of the PREL electric pressure regulator is determined by the VPPL proportional pressure control valve by means of an integrated pressure sensor and compared internally with the setpoint value. In the event of deviations, the VPPL controls the PREL controller until the output pressure has reached the setpoint value. The PREL-186-...-40CFX2 variant is additionally equipped with the two-channel PAHL shut-off valve. A soft start function is integrated as standard. Pressure gauge connections on the front and rear.

Controllers individual devices

The precision pressure regulators of the LRP series guarantee precise pressure adjustment. Fluctuations of the inlet pressure are almost entirely compensated by the LRP. They also offer good response to rapid changes in inlet pressure and flow rate.
They are available in two sizes for the most common standard applications.