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Trends in Automation DFM

Trends in Automation - Guided Actuator DFM

The ability to withstand high loads and torques are a must for a guided actuator. Listen to North American Head of Product Market Management, Frank Langro and Norh American Product Manager, Darren O'Driscoll, talk about the key points and more of the updated Festo DFM guided actuator.

Runtime: 12:36

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Trends in Automation - Mini Slide DGST

The most compact footprint for a mini-slide on the market belongs to the Festo DGST Mini Slide. Listen a Frank Langro and Darren O'Driscoll, North American, speak to this and other points of the newly launched DGST, showing why this product is truly "best in class."

Runtime: 15:06

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Trends in Automation - Pinch Valve VZQA

Control media flows with the Festo Pinch Valve VZQA. This low-profile pinch valve is intended for low pressure applications. Matt Glicksman provides a product overview and talks about the key points and more.

Runtime: 7:09

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Digital Pneumatics Improve Speed and Reliability of Food Packaging Process

Listen to this episode of Fluid Power Forum featuring Daniella Gonzalez-Olgren of Festo US, to learn about the advancement in pneumatic packaging technology that’s cutting costs and saving space.

Runtime: 26:02

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Trends in Automation - Technical Training Solutions

New Technologies create an urgent demand for skilled workforce in manufacturing. Listen to Tony Oran, VP of Sales of Festo Didactic, talking about how Festo can solve your needs for technical training by selecting the right combination of training equipment, curriculum, software, and E-learning tools.

Runtime: 14:18

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