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Airacuda: bionic floating object with fin propulsion


Bionic floating object with fin propulsion

The Airacuda is pneumatically driven and follows its biological role model in construction, design and kinematics. Four Fluidic Muscles provide the s-shaped movement and the smooth steering deflection of the tail fin.

The fin itself works according to the Fin Ray Effect® principle, which can also be observed in the natural fish fin: When lateral pressure is applied, the geometric structure automatically curves against the direction of force. This allows the Airacuda – just like its biological role model – to develop the full power of its fin rash in the water.

Electrics and pneumatics installed watertight

Like its natural role model, the Airacuda manages to balance out in water with the aid of an air bubble. Inside there is a cavity that can be flooded with water or filled with air. A pressure sensor determines the depth and sends a signal to the electronics, which then opens the corresponding valves and supplies the chamber with vacuum or compressed air. All electronic and pneumatic components are housed waterproof inside the head. The structure is clad with a silicone skin.