Festo Airic’s_arm: robot arm with Fluidic Muscle


Robot arm with Fluidic Muscle

Airic's_arm is no ordinary robot arm. It is inspired by nature. In the combination of mechatronics and the biological role model of a human being, it shows new possibilities for automated motion sequences of the future.

Inspired by the human arm

Like its natural role model, the robot arm is equipped with bones and muscles. The 30 pneumatic muscles move the artificial bone structure. As in humans, this consists of ulna and radius, hand and finger bones as well as shoulder ball joint and shoulder blade – joints that have never been seen before in the technical world.

Piezo proportional valves for exact control

The pneumatic muscles are now available as a series product under the name Fluidic Muscle DMSP and are widely used in industrial practice. With the piezo proportional valves used of the MPYE type it is possible to precisely control the actuators in order to precisely adjust the forces and stiffness in the design. These actuators are coordinated by mechatronics and software.