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Festo Robotino® XT: mobile learning system with handling assistant

Robotino® XT

Mobile learning system with handling assistant

The Robotino® XT combines the Robotino® mobile learning system with a portable version of the Bionic Handling Assistant. Just like its successor, the Robotino® XXT, it serves as a research platform for developing innovative processes and tools for the automation of the future.

Freely movable and precisely controllable

Whether forwards, backwards or sideways – with a total of twelve degrees of freedom, the robot can maneuver in the smallest of spaces and precisely align its flexible gripper arm. This is made possible by the mobile energy supply and an integrated piezo valve manifold: It already has its own pressure regulators on board and precisely doses the compressed air in the air chambers of the pneumatic arm.

Resilient robotic arm: safe with direct contact

The flexibility of the gripper arm creates a secure direct contact between humans and machines. In the event of a collision with humans, the system immediately yields without changing the desired overall dynamic behavior. Even if electronics or control systems fail, the assistance system is harmless, as its inherent structural flexibility is then applied.

Proven learning system: inspiring young people for technology

In the field of technical education, the Robotino® has already proven itself as a learning system. It has a particularly motivating effect on young people. The robot platform can be supplemented with numerous components and configured for a wide variety of tasks using the appropriate software. Technical basics can be taught in an exciting and practical way – for example electrical drive technology and kinematics, sensor and control technology, image processing and programming techniques.