Technical education

Megatrends such as digitalization, individualization, and climate change are impacting many areas of life, including technical vocational and advanced training. This is important for sustainable development. This provides the skills needed to address the challenges of today in a solutions-driven manner and to shape the future in the interest of future generations. In this context, Festo Didactic is making an important contribution to the technical training of future generations as well as today’s working population with its comprehensive range of training courses and worldwide projects and partnerships.

All over the world, education is the basis for a desirable future. Theoretical and practical skills in the use of new technologies and processes ensure that companies can continue to be innovative and sustainable and enable people to participate in all of the cultural, political, social, and economic aspects of a society.

Our Corporate Educational Responsibility (CER)

As a leading global partner to companies and educational institutions, and as a family-run company, Festo is strongly committed to the development of teaching and learning environments and the transfer of knowledge worldwide. For this reason, we as a company take social responsibility for current and future generations through our corporate educational responsibility (CER) initiatives. We are convinced that we can bring about far-reaching, positive changes in industry and society through these activities, that education contributes to peace and prosperity all over the world, and that it opens up sustainable opportunities for people.

Activities to Promote Technology and Education Worldwide

Sustainability, above all, is what links the corporate with the social perspectives. At Festo, this is and remains a conviction to knowledge and education, technology, and innovation, and it goes hand in hand with a distinct commitment to technical education and knowledge transfer. The contribution we also make to the future viability of society in this regard is what we refer to as corporate educational responsibility (CER). What we undertake in this area and constantly improve is, at the same time, an indispensable basis for the lasting success of our company.

Our Didactic Business Division

The motivation to be a leading driving force in education has led to the development of an independent business division at Festo, which today makes us the global market leader in technical education. With Festo Didactic, we have been investing in new markets, primarily in education, since the 1960s.

We bring our training know-how to schools, vocational schools, universities, and companies through joint projects and partnerships and inspire enthusiasm there for technology education through a broad range of educational offers. The latest technologies thus quickly find their way into company practice via syllabuses and training courses. This is our contribution to the knowledge society of tomorrow.

To set international standards for technical training, we have developed the Festo Authorized and Certified Training (FACT) quality seal. We use it to recognize select training providers for the high quality of their training labs and teaching staff. After successful certification as a FACT center, we regularly monitor compliance with our high standards through audits.

Learning through Competitions

WorldSkills and Festo

WorldSkills is the leading platform for comparing international performance in vocational training professions. Festo participates in the WorldSkills Championships in various roles: as a global industry partner (GIP) and as a competition participant with Festo’s own trainees. We are active in various competitive disciplines, such as mechatronics, water technology, industrial mechanics, and renewable energy.

Sheer Excitement

Promoting the skilled workers of tomorrow in order to drive technological innovation in industry has always been a top priority at Festo. When preparing for later professional life, learning through competitions takes on a special role. Whether on a team or individually, it is not only learning and solving tasks that are of great importance. Motivation is just as important as the skills learned. For the young participants of the international competitions, the event represents an unforgettable experience – directly comparing themselves with others spurs them on to peak performance and the international atmosphere generates sheer excitement. Competitions inspire young people on their way into professional life.

WorldSkills: Timo Oßwald and Daniel Schmid are mechatronics trainees at Festo.

Gold for Festo trainees
Timo Oßwald and Daniel Schmid are mechatronics trainees at Festo. They took second place at the 2021 German Mechatronics Championships. They have paved their way to EuroSkills Gdansk 2023. Together, the German team from Festo did it: they are the winners in the mechatronics discipline.