Festo Electric Automation Van

The Electric Automation Van brings the automation trade show to your doorstep, with a wide array of Festo's latest and most advanced electric components, as well as a team of automation experts to serve your needs.

Bring our Electric Automation Van to your business or school and try out our automation products firsthand. We have everything from electric precision axes to motion function integration as well as other electric drive applications.

With the Electric Automation Van, you don’t have to concern yourself with trade show inconveniences like travel, cost, and the loss of key staff members for several days. The Electric Automation Van brings the exhibition to you, without you having to leave your company’s parking lot!

During your visit of the Festo EA Van, you will see:

  • A wide range of toothed belt and ball screw linear actuators
  • Electric cylinders and cantilever actuators
  • Simplified motion series (SMS) electric actuators for easy end-to-end movements
  • High performance servo motors and drives
  • Remote I/O for control of decentralized devices
  • Modular controllers with expandable digital and analog I/O, and IO-Link
  • Quality assurance solutions, including the servo press kit and vision sensors
  • Multi-axis handling systems