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Biotech, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries: automation solutions

Biotech, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics automation

In the field of biotech, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, the pressure to increase productivity and reduce costs can cause headaches. The remedy: efficiently automated systems. Festo has solutions that guarantee reliably reproducible product quality and make your systems more flexible – from API manufacturing and formulation, right on up to filling and packaging.

Increased productivity from a single source

Festo is well acquainted with the processes and requirements of the pharmaceuticals industry, cosmetics production and biotechnology. We’re familiar with the various manufacturing scenarios for personal care products, creams and tablets, for API manufacturing in the cleanroom and for quality control, filling and packaging.

We have worked together closely with machinery manufacturers who service these sectors for many years, providing them with flexible, failsafe automation concepts throughout the entire value chain – from planning and procurement to installation and commissioning, right on up to on-site service. Festo gives you a significant advantage, offering products, modules and ready-to-install solutions, engineering services and practical support from a single source: simple, ideally matched to each other and available around the globe.

Proportional valve technology for inert gas

Wherever inert gas pressure levels and flow rates need to be controlled, whether in tanks, reactors or processing apparatus, proportional valve technology is a flexible and cost-effective solution. It fulfills the technical requirements and provides the necessary levels of accuracy. At the same time it reduces your installation costs, space requirements and capital expenditures.

This white paper on inertization explains how all of this is made possible with proportional valves.

Whitepaper: Proportional valves for closed-loop control of inert gases in process automation (PDF)

Energy analysis for compressed air systems

To keep your competitive edge, you need to keep compressed air from leaking. There’s tremendous potential for savings in this area: energy costs can be reduced by up to 60% by optimizing pneumatic systems at both the facility and systems levels. This whitepaper points out the costs associated with leakage, how you can improve energy efficiency and who should pay for which measures.

Whitepaper: Reducing energy costs in compressed air systems (PDF)

IoT To The Rescue For Biotech & Pharma Manufacturing

The Internet of Things (IoT) could not be timelier for biotech/pharma. With fierce cost pressures, the push for value-based outcomes, and the need for flexible manufacturing solutions, the IoT is the much-needed shot in the arm to bring about transformational change.

Sensors, actuators, and devices ("things") embedded in production equipment and networked through computer systems can generate an enormous amount of data. The data can be mined for insights and opportunities to drive production efficiency, automate monitoring and controlling functions, and enable flexible manufacturing systems.

Whitepaper: IoT To The Rescue For Biotech & Pharma Manufacturing (PDF)


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