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Chemical industry and automation

Your production plant is likely much more flexible and efficient today than it was just a few years ago. However, the yardsticks for productivity, reliability, and safety are constantly being raised higher. Tried-and-tested, durable, and functionally reliable solutions from Festo give you maximum support in meeting these requirements. Get an overview of our range of products and services here.

Reliable and efficient systems

Explosive substances, aggressive media and extreme temperatures add an element of high risk to many processes in the chemical industry. Festo not only supports you with making the processes productive, but also with your goal of ensuring the safety of people and the environment. We understand the need to save costs and energy at the same time.

This is made possible by innovative components and solutions for the safe automation of your processes in the fields of oil and gas and refineries as well as in petrochemistry and polymer, basic, specialty, and consumer chemicals. We are constantly working on new solutions and enhancements to keep your business profitable even when requirements change rapidly. With the knowledge and global support of Festo, you have an experienced partner with a worldwide presence. We provide support during all phases of the project, from engineering and procurement through installation and commissioning to operation and on-site service.

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Consult with your specialists about what Festo can offer you. Share our recommended solutions and sample applications: with this link.