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Laboratory Automation

Laboratory Automation

Solutions that stand up to any Process

Festo helps you broaden your toolbox of solutions for lab automation with an expansive library of perfectly matched components for sample handling and fluid control. Our engineering team works to meet your specific requirements, delivering high-quality, accurate results.

Do you have all the engineering bandwidth and technology you need to support the increasing throughput and reduced development time your customers are asking for? The speed of business is accelerating and customer expectations have reached unprecedented levels. They demand high-quality, highly precise automated equipment that delivers reliability and repeatability.

Festo offers a catalog of rigorously tested standard components that are well proven in lab use. We also have the design and engineering capacity to provide customized automated solutions tailored to the needs of your customers. We work with you to deliver intelligent, tested subsystems with perfectly matching components. The results: a faster time-to-market—at less cost for you—and satisfied customers.

Festo develops a full suite of products in these two areas:

1. Fluid Handling Reliability and precision are key when handling liquids. Festo develops, tests and supplies safe, high-precision products along with a ready-to-fit complete solution consisting of a channel plate, dosing valves and nozzles.

2. Sample Handling Festo offers a wide range of products and solutions that can be used for sample handling in a lab environment during every phase of analysis, from sample preparation to dispensing, extraction, washing and incubating, right up to storing the sample carriers for post-analysis.

Standard Products/Components

Festo’s standard components are rigorously tested and proven to perform reliably, precisely, safely, and built to withstand the stress of routine daily use for long periods of time. They are widely regarded by our clients in many industries, such as pharmaceutical production, as the benchmark in quality and reliability.

We offer a comprehensive line of over 30,000 standard components, competitively priced and ready for fast delivery, each one innovatively designed and built to ISO-9001 standards.

Fluid/Sample Handling Systems Development

From transporting samples to pipetting and dispensing liquid media to bulk storage, with our automation concepts of tomorrow you’ll be able to develop new products rapidly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Festo’s Technical Engineering Center in Boston is a cutting-edge research and development facility, staffed by a team of experts specializing in gas and fluid control, as well as sample handling. We’re on-hand and available to address your requirements in a targeted and individual manner, and we can do so right from the concept stage.

New Product Research

The Festo reputation for bringing new ideas and technologies to market stands on its own: from exploring superconducting technology, to the range of ideas and products that have come from our nature inspired Bionics research. People around the world know Festo as a technology leader and innovator. Let us work on new ideas for your next generation of products.

Application: Quick, precise and intelligent solutions

Festo’s extensive expertise in automation allows you to adapt your existing products to meet the individual and unique requirements of your customer. Festo is the expert when it comes to automating these applications, both in liquid and sample handling.

Automatic loading and unloading of the centrifuge

For a variety of samples, centrifugation is necessary as a special sample preparation, including loading and unloading of hangers and well plates into laboratory centrifuges. An automatic loading system guarantees precise positioning and safe handling. Third-party components are easy to integrate.

Transport and gripper system for handling

A transport system transfers the microplate to a gripper system, which places the sample carrier into an incubator, where the sample is kept at a prescribed, constantly maintained temperature. By linking individual modules, these processes are fully automated.

Transport and storage for sample carriers

A cross-module transport system is used to transport and store sample racks and other carriers like well plates or petri dishes, while a gripper unit places the carriers in the designated positions of the storage systems. This application also makes it easy to integrate third-party devices.

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