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Festo Analytical and Diagnostic Equipment

Analytical and Diagnostic Equipment

Reliable outcomes, accurate results

Festo works in close cooperation with you to develop assays and lab processes into reliable instruments and diagnostics devices, saving development and validation time to bring you to market faster. Our products are well proven in medical/hospital environments, and Festo has the expertise to develop products to meet your specific needs.

What is stopping you from getting your ideas to market? Design? Manufacturing? FDA approval? Festo understands the challenges in front of you and has the extensive experience in medical technology to provide components and solutions that are cost-effective, safe, and ready-to-install.

We build on our extensive fluidic and mechatronic product foundation with an engineering design, development and manufacturing team that can turn ideas into reliable and robust products, getting you into the market faster.

Festo brings a broad range of design and development experience in lab automation to the diagnostic market, including:

1.Gas Handling We ensure accurate dispensing and control of gases with our modern piezo valves, which are small, lightweight, quiet extremely precise, very durable, incredibly fast and above all, energy-efficient.

2.Fluid Handling Our new modular solutions simplify and speed up fluidic system design time, and are well suited to meet the increasing volume of samples that need to be tested at diagnostic laboratories.

3. Sample Handling: Our ready-to-install solutions can be integrated quickly and easily into any system, Festo has the range of well proven components and controls to solve any sample handling need. You can build your own systems, or we can design and manufacture to your requirements

Standard Products/Components

Festo’s catalog products are held up to the same standards as our medical technology-specific products: they are rigorously tested and proven to perform reliably, precisely, safely, and built to withstand the stress of routine daily use for long periods of time.

We offer a comprehensive line of over 30,000 standard components, competitively priced and ready for fast delivery, each one innovatively designed and built to ISO-9001 standards.

Fluid Systems Development

From transporting samples to pipetting and dispensing liquid media to bulk storage, with our automation concepts of tomorrow you’ll be able to develop new products rapidly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Engineering and Research

Our ability to provide customized solutions comes from decades of in-depth collaboration with our clients. Whatever phase of development you’re in with your next generation equipment, you can always draw upon our product design and engineering expertise.

Festo’s Technical Engineering Center in Boston is a cutting-edge research and development facility, staffed by a team of experts specializing in gas and fluid control, as well as sample handling. We’re on-hand and available to address your requirements in a targeted and individual manner, and we can do so right from the concept stage.

Applications: Helping you deliver accurate results to your customer, time after time

Your motion and fluidic control needs can change greatly from project to project. Festo has the experience and flexibility to help you adapt to meet your customers’ requirements for more accurate, faster results.

Identifying and evaluting samples

Reliable identification and assessment of samples are the starting points of every analysis. A gripping system takes individual tubes in front of the barcode scanner and checks the quality of the sample via image comparison, with defined properties such as filling quantity and blood quality. Motion and positioning of vials and racks are performed with absolute precision and reliability.

Dispensing and pipetting with modular dosing system

Combining a modular dosing system with a matching handling system allows for high-precision dispensing and pipetting, individually or in series, with various fluids and fill levels. The ability to dispense and move tools in parallel saves time, as two process steps are carried out simultaneously.

Aspirating and dispensing of media

Festo products help provide precise control of both the vacuum and the position of the aspiration needles during cell cultivation, with single- or multi-channel dispensing heads, which can dose different media. The pressure and vacuum of the dispensing and aspiration units is controlled by Festo's piezo technology.

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