Optimization at the machine

Services for optimization and modernization

Your system may be running, but could it be more productive? Is maintenance more burdensome than it needs to be? Would you describe your systems as state-of-the-art or energy efficient? Extend the life of your system while increasing its productivity through optimization or modernization. If only individual components of a system are obsolete, defective and need to be replaced, retrofitting is the right decision for you.

Sustainable machine optimization

A review of optimization is always worthwhile if machines and systems are to remain in use but individual components are no longer up-to-date or the overall equipment efficiency is no longer what it should be. The important thing now is to fully exploit the lifetime, reduce downtimes, maintain the quality of the results, and reduce the energy consumption.
Our qualified personnel go through problems and potential for improvement on-site with you. The analysis covers both pneumatic and electrical components and systems – and independent of manufacturer at that. You then get a concrete, affordable recommendation of measures to be taken. Only components and systems that will actually benefit you are suggested. We have built up expertise in automation over decades – and have a good understanding of the history of your systems. And of course we will assist you when it comes to procuring the required material and implementing the optimization.

Festo Energy Saving Services

Savings potential of up to 60% of operating costs!
Based on your needs: the Festo Energy Saving Services have a modular design so they can precisely meet your requirements. You can choose whether you would like to identify individual action steps with a PreAudit or initiate concrete measures such as analyzing the compressed air quality or eliminating leakages. You define the objectives and we adapt the range of services to meet them.

Our unique service offering ranges from recording and analyzing the status of compressors and machines, developing action plans and professionally servicing pneumatic components right up to maintaining an optimized machine status. We additionally offer training courses to safeguard and expand your knowledge.

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