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Energy efficiency in action: manually spraying plastic car body parts at the IVECO plant in Madrid.

Optimised consumption

At the Spanish production facility for heavy commercial vehicles – which is also home to IVECO’s research and development centre – a series of improvements in environmental protection have been introduced in recent years. As a result, CO2 emissions per vehicle produced have fallen by 53 per cent. Up to 99 per cent of waste materials are recycled. As the first IVECO plant of CNH Industrial N.V., which specialises in capital goods such as commercial vehicles, the Madrid site achieved World Class Manufacturing Gold Level in 2017 for the integrated management of production systems and processes. In its quest to reduce its carbon footprint, the plant has now taken the next step and introduced an energy efficiency solution based on MS9 series service units from Festo. The customised solution basically functions in the same way as the energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M, but has higher flow rates.

Automatic monitoring

The energy efficiency module is used in the mixing chamber for automotive coatings, where it achieves sustainable energy savings. The mixing chamber at IVECO Madrid serves as an internal supply centre for both manual paint booths and paint booths equipped with robots. Maintenance Manager Miguel Ángel Daganzo describes the benefits of the pneumatic mixing process: “The module automatically controls and regulates the compressed air supply. We save energy because the intelligent device permanently monitors the amount of air consumed and automatically shuts off the air supply when the system is in stand-by mode.”

Less maintenance work

With its intelligent pneumatics, the energy efficiency module from Festo is making an impact in the paint booths. The benefits include an end to the constant pressure build-up as well as the detection and reporting of costly leakages. “As soon as the system detects a drop in pressure, it sends a notification,” says Miguel Ángel Daganzo. “This means that it is no longer necessary to have an entire team of employees permanently dedicated to maintenance work.”

Transparent processes

The energy efficiency module also monitors the relevant process data. Miguel Ángel Daganzo: “Monitoring critical process data gives us a major advantage in the context of Industry 4.0. The energy efficiency of the pneumatic components in our production systems is increasing because we now have access to process data that was not previously available to us.” The information collected by the module can simply be received and read using a smartphone or tablet. Faults can be detected quickly and easily. Response times are getting shorter.

Safe operation

The energy efficiency module was installed together with a CPX terminal with touch screen for controlling the system directly in the plant. For safety reasons, both the module and the CPX terminal are protected by two ATEX cabinets. The automation solution thus complies with the ATEX directive of the European Union for potentially explosive areas. This is where IVECO Madrid benefi ts from the compact design of the module. As the benchmark for energy efficiency, IVECO is considering introducing the energy efficiency module in other plants.

IVECO España S.L.
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Area of business: Development and production of commercial vehicles and passenger transport vehicles

  1. This article was published in trends in automation 2.2018, the customer magazine of Festo

November 2018