Powerful sounds. Powerful automation.

What does music have to do with electric automation? How can you react with flexibility to both your own requirements and customer needs? And how can automation data be connected intelligently? In our videos, you’ll experience the seamless interaction of automation technology – from the workpiece to the cloud. You can even easily configure electromechanical servo drive solutions and bring them into operation with just a few clicks. What do we call this? Seamless connectivity.

What does musical creativity have to do with industrial automation?

Just like when creating music, the right composition plays an important role in electric automation. Using our software, you can size the individual components of the servo drive – the motor, the servo drive, the controller, and the axis – and select the ideal combination. This ensures you’ll get the perfect electromechanical solution for your requirements.

What does composing a song have to do with industrial automation?

When installing an electromechanical servo drive solution, you start with the basic movement. The individual components are harmonized and tuned to one another like musical instruments in order to achieve the correct application movement. With Festo’s Automation Suite software, this can be done with just five clicks.

What do different music styles have to do with industrial automation?

Different genres and styles of music are used to create songs depending on the situation and the artist’s personal preferences. This can also be applied to electric automation: new requirements make it necessary to adapt the components on the basis of the basic composition and bring them back into operation. This is another thing you can do quickly and reliably in the Festo Automation Suite.

What does music streaming have to do with industrial automation?

Music is available digitally anytime and anywhere. Similarly, in electric automation, data from components and entire machines can easily be made available and accessed from the cloud thanks to our IoT Gateway. The Festo AX dashboards allow you to check the status and performance of your servo drive controller, valve manifolds, and controllers.

Festo Connecting the Factories of Tomorrow—Today

In this digital age, technological developments are transforming industrial automation, bringing us one step closer to Industry 4.0. In fact, many electromechanical components have already become smart, bringing IOT functionality, data processing and diagnostic capabilities to the field level. Take the Festo VTEM Motion Terminal. It’s the first valve that makes pneumatic functions available through motion apps, improving manufacturing flexibility and reducing system complexity. To speed up component integration, IOT gateways let you connect drives and other components with ease, providing visibility into speed, voltage and other parameters. What’s more, many valve terminals are now compatible with open interface standards like OPC UA, enabling seamless communication and data exchange between front-end devices, controllers and the cloud. To learn more about developments in this last mile of IOT development, download our white paper.

Set the Right Tone – with Seamless Connectivity from Festo

Seamless connectivity begins with the correct composition of each movement. First, the servo drive components are optimally sized and selected via the software and then orchestrated and harmonized in the Festo Automation Suite – without any restrictions on the network used. Smart products and digital services allow you to access and process data later, at any time and from anywhere. We call this seamless connectivity – from the workpiece to the cloud.

  • Simply compatible: whether a high-end or standard option, electric or pneumatic, with third-party suppliers or as a complete solution from Festo – you’ll receive fast solutions that can be easily integrated into your existing architectures and still work together perfectly.

  • Simply flexible: react quickly to market requirements and customer needs with fully customizable automation solutions. You’ll achieve this thanks to clever products, smart solutions, and digitization.

  • Simply fast: using our intelligent software, you can design servo drive solutions and bring the entire electromechanical servo drive package into operation in just a few steps.