Digitalization of production: factory with Industry 4.0

Digitalization of production

You have your eyes on the prize: Industry 4.0 and the future of automation. Only how will you achieve this goal? And how should you start? When you work with Festo, you have an automation partner at your side that is helping shape the digital future and can take the next steps together with you. Learn more about our range of digital products, tools, and solutions here. We look forward to supporting you with holistic concepts on your path to Industry 4.0.

No matter what part of the industrial manufacturing process your business is in, if you want to digitalize your production environment, you have to answer a number of questions: “What digital products can make my machines more productive, faster, and more efficient, and how?” “What are the advantages of AI?" “Where should I even start?”

Festo offers a variety of different solutions for you. The range extends from digital engineering tools for design and initial operation to Smartenance, the digital maintenance manager, and the Festo Automation Experience, our AI solution that allows you to extract maximum value from the data generated by your assets. And let’s not forget digitalized pneumatics with the Festo Motion Terminal, our automation platform whose function can be customized through apps. As such, below you will find our range of products and services grouped under the following headings:

Digitalization of production: employee with tablet in production hall

Software Solutions for Design, Operation, and Maintenance

In our App World, we offer software solutions that reproduce complete industrial production task packages in digital form.

These offer you extensive benefits. This means you can use Smartenance to plan complex maintenance processes and make them accessible to system operators via mobile devices. Or use FluidDraw in Design to create and document complete electrical or pneumatic circuit diagrams. Alternatively, with Schematic Solution, you can create and document complete and error-free EPLAN projects in no time at all. Or use the Festo Automation Experience to extract maximum value from the data generated by your systems and make decisions based on facts.

Would you like to know more? Learn about these and other software solutions from Festo here.

Schedule and support maintenance with Smartenance

Create circuit diagrams with FluidDraw

Create EPLAN projects with Schematic Solution

Conduct AI-powered data analysis with Festo Automation Experience

Festo Automation Experience: Make Decisions Based on Facts

Make your systems smarter with the Festo Automation Experience (Festo AX). Benefit from predictive maintenance, predictive quality, and predictive energy. We’ll show you how!

Features at a glance:

  • Artificial intelligence in real time
  • Flexible integration into all systems
  • On-premises, on-edge, or in the cloud?
  • Keeping humans in the loop: integrating your expert knowledge
  • Your data is yours and yours alone!

Learn how AI and machine learning can help you extract more value out of your data here.

Digitalization of production: Festo Motion Terminal

Digitalized Pneumatics with the Festo Motion Terminal

The Motion Terminal VTEM is the first automation platform whose valves are controlled by software via what we call Motion Apps. What are the implications of digitalized pneumatics for you as an OEM or end user? You benefit from easier engineering processes, faster initial operation and assembly, as well as more efficient and flexible operation. With VTEM, you make your systems in the field of pneumatics fit for Industry 4.0 with respect to motion, pressure, and flow control.

Do you want to find out more? Read about how you can benefit from digitalized pneumatics here.

The benefits of VTEM

Motion Apps for maximum flexibility

Wide-ranging applications meet best practices

Digitalization of production: Automation Suite

Engineering Tools for Greater Speed

Our tools make it easier to design your solutions and get them up and running faster. They give you a sense of security even in domains that aren’t a part of your usual activities – no matter whether simulations, documentation, or calculations.

Take a look at our selection of important digital tools for every automation technology and every stage of the value chain now:

Select, configure, and calculate pneumatic components

Configure electric actuators and bring them into operation

Configure components for the process industry

Our spare parts catalog, check media resistance, CAD data, and more

Electric Motion Sizing: Find the Right Actuator Online

Even a small automation task like simply moving a workpiece from A to B can become an endless undertaking. Just finding properly sized components can make a project unnecessarily complex – and initial operation can take even longer.

In this video (2:14 min.), you’ll learn how this can done faster and, above all, easier.

And you can click here to directly access the tool.