Digital Engineering Tools: Automation Suite

Digital Engineering Tools

Stop losing precious time during the design and layout process. Thanks to digitalization and our engineering tools that are available online, you can quickly find the right product for you, design an axis gantry, or apply CAD/ECAD data directly to your plans with just a click of the mouse. View an overview of the most important tools here.

Handling Guide Online: The Right Handling System in Just Three Steps

With the Handling Guide Online, you can configure and order your handling system in record time. It encompasses all of our experts’ knowledge. Simply enter the data for your application and the Handling Guide Online automatically comes up with suitable solutions. All you have to do is select the system you want and you can immediately order it from the Festo Online Shop. This reduces your engineering time and effort to a minimum and guides you to the right handling system in record time.

The Benefits of the Handling Guide Online:

  • Fast: find the right handling system in just 20 minutes, including the CAD model and setup file
  • Intuitive: simple operation and structured data prompts
  • Efficient: minimized engineering effort
  • Reliable: the net price is displayed immediately
  • Shorter time to market: only around three weeks from configuration and ordering to delivery and installation
  • Versatile: now includes highly dynamic and compact handling systems

GN Thermoforming Equipment User Report

GN Thermoforming Equipment

GN Thermoforming Equipment, located in Chester, Canada, is the global market leader for thin, thermoformed plastic objects. When the latest thermoforming system, the GN800, was developed in 2016, GN decided to search for new technologies for the pick & place system and came across Festo and its Handling Guide Online. This enables these systems to be designed and integrated into the machine in a flash. The proposed solutions enabled GN to achieve the desired increase in productivity as well as the ability to execute at least 45 picks per minute.

New technologies wanted. Efficiency booster found.

The containers that are made by GN’s machines using thin plastic and a heat-forming process have a huge variety of applications, including in the food industry. Specially developed tools press the heated plastic into the desired shape. At the customer’s request, the engineers at GN also develop pick & place solutions that stack finished products as they come out of the machine – known as robotic stackers.

Faster Engineering, Simpler Ordering

Thanks to rapid engineering, the GN800 system is also one of the fastest on the market, even when using robotic stacking. The documentation provided by the Handling Guide Online saves time, too. It eliminates the need to laboriously search for items such as spare parts. At the same time, it reduces development costs because the design of the linear gantry has already been determined and employees can focus on other important design elements. The purchasing department also benefits from the decision to design pick & place solutions using the Handling Guide Online. The fact that there is just a single part number for the entire linear gantry simplifies ordering and data management, and makes them less expensive as well.

Rapid Assembly and M ore Space in Production

Pretested solutions from the Handling Guide Online are preassembled and delivered in one piece to facilitate quick installation and short setup times. This reduces the previous installation time of four full workdays to just four hours. Last but not least, the automatically optimized sizing feature of the handling systems from Festo means the GN800 is smaller and therefore requires considerably less space than the previous solutions. This reduces overhead costs – and frees up more space at the production facility.

Reduced Costs and Faster Time to Market

The Handling Guide Online offers advantages along the entire value chain. The management team at GN is extremely satisfied with this solution. Not only do the cost reductions play an important role for GN, but so do other factors such as faster time to market and potential time savings for the employees of GN and its customers.

Configurator for Process Valve Units

From manually actuated process valves to fully automated ones, the new configurator makes selecting the ideal solution child’s play. After selecting your parameters, the configurator immediately suggests appropriate combinations, making engineering faster, safer, and easier.

The Benefits at a Glance:

  • Fast and simple project management: everything is available in one tool, from the product search, configuration, sizing, and documentation to ordering and delivery of the process valve unit. You also have the option of submitting custom requests.
  • Efficient procurement process: information on pricing and delivery is immediately visible, providing complete transparency and facilitating an efficient procurement process.
  • Perfectly compatible products: the products are all designed to be perfectly compatible and are appropriately sized for your specific application.
  • System ID and CAD download included: together with your custom solution, the configurator generates a system ID for the entire combination that you can save for future orders. You can also download the CAD data to correctly configure the complete module. This simplifies your documentation, too.

Configurator for Ball Valve Units

Configurator for ball valve unit KVZB

Quickly and easily configure ball valves, whether manually actuated or fully automated, and choose between a thread, flange, or clamp connection.

Configure a Ball Valve Unit Now

Configurator for Butterfly Valve Units

Configurator for butterfly valve unit KVZY

You can configure wafer or lug versions of butterfly valves, whether manually actuated or fully automated, easily and in just a few steps using the KVZA configurator.

Configure a Butterfly Valve Unit Now

Configurator for Quarter Turn Actuator Units

Configurator for quarter turn actuator unit KDFP

You can select just an actuator unit without a process valve to automate existing process valves. Simply enter the required parameters into the dialogue box and the configurator will suggest suitable solutions.

Configure a Quarter Turn Actuator Unit Now

Camera Configuration Studio: Bring Your Images to Life

The Camera Configuration Studio image-processing software delivers fast and reliable results for your imaging tasks. With this digital tool, you can configure inspection programs and define, log, and adjust all of the processes – from image capture to the input and output parameters – and simulate them in advance on a PC.

In addition, the hardware, which includes our high-resolution smart camera SBRD and the specially designed machine vision controller, opens up new options in automation and robotics. The complete image-processing application SBRD is ideal for both beginners and professionals.

The Benefits at a Glance

  • Simple and intuitive operation: skip conveniently back and forth between individual setup steps via the Job Navigator
  • Stable image processing: the results are generated on the basis of a wide range of data
  • Fast parameterization for pick & place applications with the additional CCS xRun tool
  • Unlimited customization options by adjusting and analyzing the inspection characteristics for any number of images

Pneumatic Sizing: Calculate the Optimal Pneumatic Control Chains

You may have already asked yourself: isn’t there a quicker and more accurate way to calculate the optimal pneumatic control chain? Yes, there is! And you receive not just one design option, but up to three that are suitable for your application. Thanks to Pneumatic Sizing, the pneumatic calculation tool from Festo.

By entering three application parameters such as load, stroke, and positioning time, you will receive up to three suggestions: the perfectly accurate result as well as the performance and most economical versions. This makes designing your pneumatic control chain child‘s play.

Pneumatic Sizing allows you to benefit from:

  • Optimal air consumption or
  • the ideal process time per cycle and
  • a direct connection to the Festo Online Shop.

Automation Suite: Get Up and Running Faster

The Automation Suite makes it easy for you to parameterize, program, and service Festo components using just one software application. The basic functions of all Festo parts are already built in, so you can get started right away. Configure and parameterize a fully functional actuator system in just five steps – the electric components are added via drag and drop, linked to each other, and then connected to the controller.

Individually scalable for your electric drive system

The user-friendly interface features a standardized design and a modular structure. You can also configure the Automation Suite to meet your individual requirements. To do this, simply install plug-ins and extensions directly from the software. The servo drive CMMT-AS can be integrated into the controller program of the CPX-E with just two clicks of the mouse. An optional CODESYS extension is also available to program motion control and robotics functions for the CPX-E.

PositioningDrives: The Simple, Effective Way to Find the Right Drive Solution

PositioningDrives speeds up your project engineering process and prevents design errors. By selecting the right components, you also improve energy efficiency. Designing drive mechanisms, gear units, and motors separately can compound the safety issues and result in oversized electric drive systems. After entering just a few application parameters, you will receive several suggestions from which you can choose the most suitable solution. You can then simply save the results list containing detailed information such as the motion profile, dynamic load data, and product characteristics right through to the bill of materials.

  • Combines mechanical and electrical systems in various sorting options
  • Visual representation of axis, motor/gear unit, and controller
  • Utilization rates presented as a bar chart
  • Prevents design errors
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Complete project documentation in the selected language