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On the road to seamless automation of machines and systems, we offer you a unique range of solutions. Take advantage of one of the most extensive product portfolios with a wide variety of linear and rotary mechanical systems, servo drives and motors, as well as control solutions and I/O systems. Always complemented by a varied and open range of communication options for seamless automation solutions.

Power Up with Electric Automation Solutions

Electric Automation Solutions

With the new I/O system CPX-AP-I in IP65/IP67, powerful I/O modules and existing valve manifold connections can be integrated into the most important host systems – including IO-Link master.


  • Decentralised and lightweight I/O system in IP65/IP67
  • Highly flexible remote IO system with maximum performance
  • Can be expanded and easily combined with CPX-AP-I and CPX-AP-A to form a complete system
  • End-to-end connectivity with extended diagnostics option increases machine availability and productivity
  • Easily integrated into standard host systems
    Module for IO-Link® available
  • Real-time capability, transmission speed of 200 Mbps full-duplex
  • High-performance remote I/O system that flexibly networks 80 modules in real time with a 200 Mbaud data rate
  • Cable lengths of up to 50 m between each module enable giant system dimensions

Explore what's possible with Electric Automation Solutions by Festo.

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Regardless of whether it involves linear movement, rotation, gripping or stopping: our electromechanical axes and modules leave nothing to be desired.

Take advantage of the full flexibility of our perfectly matched servo drives and servo motors by integrating them directly into virtually any automation environment.

Create free space with the I/O system and motion control solutions from Festo: integrated directly and completely into higher-level control concepts or as a flexible and modular solution for comprehensive automation concepts.

Solve simple or complex 2D and 3D handling tasks with our pre-assembled systems and configure your solution in just 20 minutes with the Handling Guide Online.

Each application requires different mechanical motions – either linear or rotary. The mechanical modular system from Festo is extremely diverse and offers all the common mechanical motion mechanical systems with interfaces that match one another as well as the workpiece and the motor. Discover our highlights for the best mechanical connectivity, which are not only impressive because they can be combined easily and seamlessly, but also because of their attractive prices!

ELGD – the new generation of electric spindle and toothed belt axes

High rigidity, large feed forces and durable guide system

The powerful ELGD axis family with ELGD-BS screw actuator and ELGD-TB toothed belt drive can be easily used for a wide range of tasks in electromechanical automation technology. The broad portfolio with different sizes in Normal and Wide versions shines with high rigidity, large feed forces and a durable guide system.

10 strong arguments for the ELGD axis family

10 strong arguments for ELGD

1. Innovative guide technology developed in-house with optimized axis design

  • Very high stiffness and above-average load capacity of the guide
  • Almost vibration-free and very smooth slide movement, extremely long service life

2. Optimized profile design for best force flow and torque absorption

  • Very high rigidity
  • Long strokes up to max. 2.5 m for BS and 8.5 m for TB

3. Innovative solution with magnetic stainless steel cover strip

  • Magnetic belt reversal without rubbing components on the outside
  • Clean surface, no abrasion on the outside
  • Minimized particle emission for use in cleanrooms
  • Reduced penetration of dirt in difficult ambient conditions

4. Different toothed belt materials

  • Polyurethane (PU2) with textile coating for long life and higher resistance to cooling lubricant fluids. Steel tension members enable transmission of high forces and very good dynamic controllability of the axis
  • Polyurethane (PU1) without sheathing but with steel tension member for food applications

5. Two profile variants

  • Normal: square profile cross-section with optimized design
  • Wide: reduced profile height for smaller installation dimensions and more compact handling systems, high torsional stiffness with lower weight and reduced costs

6. Slide options (TB): longer slide and second free-moving slide

  • For higher axial and lateral forces and higher loads
  • Additional mounting options
  • Reduced, split guide loads with second slide for longer service life

7. Extended slide optional (BS)

  • For higher axial and lateral forces and higher loads
  • Additional mounting options

8. Selectable motor position (TB)

  • Freely selectable at two positions at the end of the axis
  • Motor with cable connection can be mounted in 4 x 90° around its own axis
  • Position can be changed at any time

9. Selectable motor position (BS)

  • Motor mounting options: axial or parallel, each for right (MR) or left (ML) mounting
  • Axial: motor can be mounted rotated in 4 x 90° around its own axis
  • Parallel: mounting kit can be mounted in 3 x 90° and motor can be rotated in 3 x 90° around its own axis

10. Safety through optional sensing with inductive proximity switch

  • Simple mounting without additional mounting material of up to 2 sensors in the profile groove
  • Flush mounting without interfering edges outside the drive cross-section

Spindle axis ELGT for cantilever systems – economical, compact and rigid

Cantilever systems with the spindle axis ELGT score top marks with their advantages in the electronics industry and in desktop applications as well as in battery production. But the ELGT can also hold its own in test and inspection systems, in small parts handling or in assembly systems.

Anywhere your production process requires it and where the conveying path should not be obstructed or where maximum compactness defines the machine layout, you are in the right place with the very compact and low-cost ELGT spindle axes. Systems with ELGT can be ideally combined to 2D and 3D cantilever systems as well as directly combined with the linear axes ELGC or the mini slide EGSC.

  • Double guide of the axis slide or extra-wide single guide for high rigidity and load capacity
  • Guide and spindle drive covering and in hardcover design
  • Very lightweight yet extremely sturdy connectors for the precise interconnection of all axes
  • Cost-effective and simple position sensing using proximity switches and adapter kit for customary opto-electrical sensors in Asian markets

Toothed belt and spindle axes EGC – high load capacity and extremely rigid

The extensive series is characterized on the one hand by its maximum rigidity and load capacity for absorbing high loads and torques, especially in the heavy-duty versions EGC-HD. On the other hand, the axes excel with high maximum speeds and outstanding dynamics, especially for long strokes of up to 8.5 m.

Electric toothed belt axis EGC-TB-185 with 8.5 m hub (0:47 min)

Maximum connectivity in hardware and software, the highest efficiency and simple operation with the servo motors and servo drives from Festo. They are the ideal link between your mechanics and control technology and can be commissioned quickly and easily as a complete drive system with the Festo Automation Suite. Assemble your own electrical combination that meets the exact requirements of your application, regardless of your electromechanical system and control environment – perfectly integrated with electrical connectivity from Festo.

A quick and easy drive adventure

Even a small automation task like simply moving a workpiece from A to B can become an endless undertaking. Just finding properly sized components can make a project unnecessarily complex – and initial operation can take even longer.

In this video (2:14 min.), you’ll learn how this can done faster and, above all, easier.

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Servo drive CMMT and servo motor EMMT-AS

Extremely compact and can be applied universally

The CMMT-AS is one of the most compact servo drives in the area of low-voltage controllers. The price and size optimized servo drive stands for highly dynamic and precise point-to-point and interpolating movements. The CMMT-ST extra-low voltage controller is available for simple, highly economical positioning tasks and motion solutions with low power requirements.

Both servo drives can be seamlessly integrated into Ethernet-based system environments, for which control-specific function blocks are available for download. One important plus of the CMMT family is the simple and error-free commissioning in just a few minutes and in just a few steps via Festo Automation Suite.

Compatible with the CMMT-AS, the AC synchronous servo motor EMMT-AS is impressive with its very good controllability and path accuracy in positioning tasks for all types of demanding and dynamic applications. And the connection of the EMMT-AS to the CMMT-AS through the one cable plug solution (OCP) reduces the amount of installation work required in your machine while also saving space.

Compact and economical, easily installed and conveniently connected

  • Multiprotocol: the desired Ethernet protocol can be selected in the Festo Automation Suite or directly on the servo drive
  • Space-saving in the control cabinet
  • All connections and the operating panel CDSB are at the front and on top of the drive with the CMMT-AS
  • CMMT-ST is 50% more compact than the smallest servo drive CMMT-AS
  • The extremely compact size, depth and height of the drive: one of the smallest servo drives compared to its competitors
  • Unique high-density assembly of the drive thanks to the easy series connection

Good to know: combining low-voltage and extra-low voltage servo drives for high performance and excellent economic efficiency

The servo drives CMMT-AS (low voltage servo drive) and CMMT-ST (extra-low voltage servo drive) can be perfectly combined due to their common platform concept, allowing each individual movement of the application to be optimally designed and operated. The CMMT-ST also covers the power spectrum from below 50 W up to 300 W and the CMMT-AS enable outputs of between 350 W and 6.5 kW, or in the future 12 kW. In addition, this optimizes the required space in the machine and especially in the control cabinet. The same fieldbus interfaces and the seamless, consistent integration into an Ethernet-based system environment offer simple and convenient project engineering and handling of the entire servo drive family.

Installation and control concepts influence each other. This means that architectures must be cleverly networked to achieve seamless connectivity. Whether you want a stand-alone control concept with motion control and remote I/O for more modularity and freedom in the system layout, perfect networking of I/O system and control solution with other common control concepts, or perfect, seamless integration into your system environment with Ethernet-based protocols: Everything is possible. We call it intelligent connectivity.

Connectivity in real time

If you are faced with the challenge of limited installation space and need to reduce the number of control cabinets while also ensuring high network performance and good energy efficiency, then you're probably asking yourself: why not decentralized automation?

In this video (2:38 min), we show you how you can meet these challenges with our CPX-AP-I.

Decentralized automation with remote I/O: the system

System topology :
Starting from the bus interface, one or two lines can be set up using the daisy chain principle. In the future: star and tree topology.

Fieldbus Communication:
Connection to the higher-level control system via Ethernet-based bus protocols as well as EtherCAT and PROFIBUS.

AP System Communication:
The AP communication technology combines a host PLC with IO-Link® devices, digital and analog inputs and outputs, and data transfer to the cloud in a simple package.

IO-Link® Communication:
Several IO-Link® masters with up to four IO-Link® devices can be connected to one bus interface, which theoretically allows up to 316 IO-Link® devices per bus interface within the given system limits.

Decentralized automation with remote I/O: CPX-AP-I

With CPX-AP-I, you get an efficient, open and expandable remote I/O system. You can directly integrate powerful I/O modules, existing valve manifolds and a wide range of IO-Link® devices and electric actuators into the most important host systems. And based on the innovative AP system communication, the remote I/O system ensures continuous communication from the workpiece to the cloud. The ideal fields of application for the CPX-AP-I remote I/O system are uses with limited installation space, such as in assembly machines or modular machine and system designs, in handling and tool changing systems, and in moving applications where low weight and a small installation space are important. Or whenever fast manufacturing processes with real-time communication are involved. And much more.

  • Real-time capable: bus cycle times of up to 250 µs
  • Communicative: direct integration in EtherCAT, PROFIBUS and Ethernet-based networks
  • Powerful: up to 500 modules on one bus interface in the final configuration
  • Unique: direct integration of existing Festo valve manifolds

Decentralized remote I/O terminals: CPX-AP-A

The automation system CPX-AP-A is an extension of the remote I/O system CPX-AP and the successor to the formidable CPX terminal-based I/O and integrated valve platform. CPX-AP-A combines inputs, outputs, IO-Link® masters, and pneumatic valves onto a single, integrated, remote I/O terminal. Each terminal can connect to other CPX-AP-A terminals as well as CPX-AP-I remote I/O modules over the common AP backplane communication string, enabling near-infinite possibilities and an unprecedented level of flexibility in system topology. With real-time data rates of 200 Mbps, up to 15 modules per terminal, bus interfaces that support the most important industrial networking protocols, and functionality that extends data connections into the cloud, CPX-AP-A provides the ultimate in remote I/O and valve connections for the most demanding machines and system designs.

  • Expandable: up to 15 modules per terminal including I/O and valves
  • Flexible: mix-and-match CPX-AP-A terminals and CPX-AP-I modules via the common AP backplane communication technology, all under one bus interface
  • Easy: seamless integration into the most common host environments
  • Powerful: direct integration of Festo valve manifolds, on-terminal or via AP cable

Handling systems – pre-assembled and tested

Our pre-assembled systems provide you with a fast and reliable complete solution for your application that is fully assembled, tested and perfectly coordinated – electric, pneumatic, or a mix. Includes energy chain for cable and tubing, connection technology and matching servo drive package.

The modular and scalable systems

  • 1D single-axis systems
  • 2D Linear and planar surface gantry
  • 3D Three-dimensional gantries and cantilever systems

include on the one hand very compact and cost-efficient solutions or excel with high mechanical rigidity and robust designs – whether for lightweight or heavy payloads or for large workpieces and very long strokes.

Handling systems configured and digitized in record time

Traditionally, designing and developing concepts for handling systems is costly and time-consuming. With our unique Handling Guide Online, you can design a 2D or 3D system in as little as 15 minutes.

How does it work? We show you exactly how in this video (1:32 min.).

Handling Guide Online - sizing industrial robots

Configure the right industrial robot, from a single-axis solution to a 3D gantry, quickly and easily with the Handling Guide Online. All you have to do is enter the axis definition, payload, etc. and in just 20 minutes you have a perfect, ready-to-order systems. We supply it together with CAD data and commissioning files, ready to install or partially assembled.

Start the Handling Guide Online

Electric Motion Sizing (EMS)

This tool helps you finding a perfectly dimensioned combination of electric or eletromechanic drive components based on your application needs. After entering only a small set of parameters the tool will recommend the best product combinations out of several million combinations within seconds.

How does it work? We show you exactly how in this video

The technology from the point of view of our product managers

"With our Simplified Motion Series, we have managed to combine the simplicity of pneumatics with the advantages of electric drive technology. This enables our customers to solve the simplest motion and positioning tasks electrically at a low cost."

Bernd Schäfer
Product Management Electric Actuators, Festo SE & Co. KG

"The decentralized remote I/O system CPX-AP-I plays a central role in networking your machine and at the same time prepares you for the requirements of the digital factory of tomorrow. Easily integrated into your control environment, the CPX-AP-I networks sensors, valve manifolds or electric actuators seamlessly, whether digital, analog or IO-Link."

René Neumann
Product Management Controls, Festo SE & Co. KG

"Thanks to its electrical connectivity, our customers can easily integrate the CMMT low and extra-low voltage controllers, from under 50 W today to 6 kW and soon up to 12 kW, directly into their Ethernet-based control systems – i.e., PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT and Modbus networks."

Tim Otto
Product Management Electric Drives, Festo SE & Co. KG