Meat processing with clean-design components

Food Packaging—safely automated

Hygiene is all-important in meat processing. Every one of your systems, from slaughter to meat processing to packaging, has to be meticulous in preventing contamination. To this end, we have pneumatic and electric automation solutions that are perfect for the processing of meat and sausages, made in hygiene-favorable designs, highly resistant to external influences and easy to clean.

Key safety questions

Machine safety

Meat processing: emergency stop

With Festo machines, safety is assured. Using safe pneumatic and electric components from Festo provides you with the certainty that your safety measures are being implemented in compliance with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. This allows you to achieve the best possible safety at your workstations. With our industry experience, we guide companies through the stages of risk assessment, designing a safety plan, and validation and beyond - with practical training on-site for your employees.

Food safety

Meat processing—clean design valve manifold MPA-C

We make no compromises when it comes to food safety. We provide you with the right automation components for your meat processing machines, with durable and resistant materials and hygiene-favorable design. Everything you need for a perfectly hygienic state of cleanliness that can be achieved very rapidly.

We are very well aware of how things have to be done in your industry, and our experts are well versed with the relevant standards and directives you must adhere to.
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Reliably tight packaging

With food packaging, you need an application that can handle materials of different quality and thickness, while making sure the tension is right for every material. If not, the goods might be damaged or the packaging may not be fully sealed. The utmost care must be taken when feeding in the material—even tiny inaccuracies can lead to loss of quality in production.
The solution is a dancer control system that integrates all the functions in a decentralized manner on the valve manifold MPA. This includes our terminal CPX, which you can use to easily incorporate pneumatic and electric control chains into any automation design. Clean work is ensured by our easy to clean stainless steel round air cylinder CRDSNU.

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