Automation for intralogistics

Looking to move your goods dynamically and reliably – no matter how large or small, heavy or light, robust or highly sensitive? You can achieve that with us. We offer efficient automation solutions for your intralogistics. From operationally reliable components to ready-to-install systems and the services to match. Ensuring that you can transport your goods reliably, day in, day out.

Our portfolio for fast and efficient intralogistics:

  • Flexible: Electric and pneumatic automation solutions – tailored to your requirements for reliable transport for a variety of applications
  • Reliable: Operationally reliable components for long-term, low-noise use at high speeds
  • Intelligent: Optimized automated processes through data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence

We are your partners throughout the entire supply chain


Pushing, lifting, gripping, conveying, driving – these transport tasks come with changing demands throughout the supply chain. We are your automation partner for end-to-end support with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions.

Your benefits with automated intralogistics

Pushing/Sorting: Reliable infeed and outfeed

Intralogistics application

  • Depending on your requirements, you can choose between electric or pneumatic actuators.
  • The compact, dynamic units require very little installation space.
  • You can rely on perfectly coordinated solutions: Cylinder/valve combinations, ready-to-install, decentralized I/O installation systems

Lifting: Safely lift heavy loads

Intralogistics application custom handling system

  • Any large differences in height will be reliably compensated, precisely and with minimal vibrations.
  • You benefit from high rigidity levels thanks to guided electrical linear drives with toothed belts or spindles for different loads and dynamics.
  • You can choose from an extensive portfolio of electrical linear drives including Festo motors and controllers.

Bin picking: Highest flexibility when gripping

Bin picking

Pocket conveyor systems: Flexible, reliable, clever

Pocket conveyor systems for intralogistics

  • You can choose between electric and pneumatic systems, depending on your requirements
  • System solutions with perfectly matched cylinder/valve and axis/motor combinations ensure reliable operations and a long service life even at high cycle rates.
  • The components have clever features such as end-position cushioning or Soft Stop for low-noise applications.

Automated guided vehicles (AGV): Automatically efficient and reliable

Automated guided vehicles

  • You benefit from high availability, optimum transport routes and extreme flexibility. Transport damage is also reduced at the same time.
  • Our electric automation technology ensures reliable and efficient operation – with the corresponding electrical linear drives including motors and a compact, powerful and cost-effective control platform.

Empowering Education and Industry with Cutting-Edge Automation Solutions

Festo Didactic seamlessly integrates technical education and workforce development with the latest manufacturing automation technologies. Leveraging our expertise in automation, we offer comprehensive learning solutions that bridge the STEM skills gap. Stay ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge technologies and processes tailored to meet the demands of modern industry. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive learning solutions and take the next staps towards closing the skills gap.

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Flexibly tailored to your requirements

Electrical or pneumatic equipment? You are free to select the automation solutions for intralogistics that best suit your tasks.