Automation of machine tools

Do your workpieces also need to be fed into harsh environments for example where there are cooling lubricants and chippings? Do your optical measurement systems need to be reliably protected? Then Festo automation technology is an excellent choice for you. Our robust electrical and pneumatic drive systems display their true strength in difficult working spaces. We will also support you in other core applications of the machine tool industry as well as with 3D printing with our engineering expertise and ready-to-install solutions. See what we have to offer here.

"At DMG MORI, we appreciate in particular how intensively the Festo automation experts were involved in the joint developments in order to help shape Industry 4.0 and digitalization in the machine tools sector."

Christian Thönes
Chairman of the Management Board at DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT

Handling Guide Online - designing handling systems

Configure the right handling system, from a single-axis solution to a 3-dimensional gantry, quickly and easily with the Handling Guide Online. All you have to do is enter the axis definition, payload, etc. and in just 20 minutes you have a perfect, ready-to-order systems. We supply it together with CAD data and commissioning files, ready to install or partially assembled.

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