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Industrial energy efficiency in automation

Design engineering projects come with a host of responsibilities, including target costs, specified functionality, safety and the fulfillment of directives. While industrial energy efficiency may not seem as vital a duty, it's not just an additional task. It's a way of making machines and systems better, more productive and even safer.

Festo offers innovative components that save energy by shutting down automatically, reducing power when less is required, or simply by having to move less dead weight. We specialize in knowing where energy-saving potential can be found and which results can be obtained with the right options.

Festo can provide you with a large selection of reliable products and solutions for the efficient use of energy, from the front-end to the pneumatic valve and valve manifold level, right on up to highly efficient compressed air treatment.

Energy-efficient design with 11 measures

Correct dimensioning

Help in achieving the best possible dimensioning is provided by Festo Engineering Tools: practical calculator, simulations, and configuration tools for pneumatics, as well as for mechanical and electrical systems.

Shorten pneumatic tubing lengths

Non-productive air is prevented by shortening pneumatic tubing lengths and with the help of our decentralized valve manifolds.

Efficient open- and closed-loop control

Good control performance with minimal vibration and intervention is guaranteed by the Festo Configuration Tool FCT.

Energy recovery

Use the servo motor controller CMMP for energy recovery.

Energy shutdown

Automatic shutdown during idle time with our energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M and our soft-start dump valves.

Reduced pressure levels

Cut the pressure level in half during the non-productive return stroke with our compressed air regulators, the pressure regulating valve VRPA or our pressure control plates on valve manifolds.

Reduced friction

Pneumatic mini slides DGSL or DGST reduce friction to a minimum.

Reduced weight

Weight has to be moved. Our linear gantry EXCT, the cylinders DSNU or the toothed belt axis ELGA lighten the load.

Air saving circuits

Vacuum generation only when required: the vacuum suction nozzle OVEM and vacuum generator VADMI shut themselves off automatically.

Reduced pressure loss

Reduce costly pressure losses with MS series service unit components.

Selection of the right components

The servo motors EMME-AS, EMMS-AS as well as the stepper motor EMMS-ST are equipped with a holding brake for long idle times.

The proven plug & work concept from Festo has also inspired the design of the air-flow analyzer. The ready-to-install analysis case can be used straightaway and includes everything you need for efficiently and flexibly measuring compressed air consumption and flow rates in your system.

Industrial energy efficiency@Festo manual

At Festo, you can rely on technical experts and efficient technologies that ensure your machines and systems will consume fewer resources and less energy. Not only will you reduce your CO2 footprint, you relieve the cost pressure as well. And that leads to increases in the sustainability of your production processes and in your company’s productivity. Our knowledge, our experience and our products can be found in this manual.

Download it now: Industrial energy efficiency@Festo (PDF)