Festo FAST Mobile App

Festo FAST Mobile App

The NEW Festo Mobile App gives you quick and easy access to the Stars of Automation products featuring over 4,000 industrial automation components, valves and more! With new "on-the-go" Conversion Force, Flow Rate and Fluid Power formula and calculation tools, the Festo FAST app puts the power of precise calculation at your finger tips. Navigate through the Stars product selections for technical information, pricing and delivery. The mobile app is also your on-the-go solution for tracking and managing product orders.

Stars of Automation

With over 4,000 products, the Stars of Automation offer components ready for delivery in 24 hours from Festo stock.

  • Worldwide: always in stock
  • Superb: Festo quality at an attractive price
  • Easy: just a few clicks to place an order

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Calculation and Conversion

Smart just got Smarter ... The Festo FAST Mobile App is the ultimate resource for smart "on-the-go" Conversion, Force and Flow Rate calculation tools for both students and engineers. The Fluid Power Formulas tool puts 25 of the most common formulas you'll need at your fingertips. The Force Table lets your quickly calculate Piston Cylinder Pressure and Diameter.

Get in the know ... As you are on the Go with the Festo Festo FAST Mobile App Today!

Get what you wished for! While navigating through the Festo Stars products on the mobile app, create a Wish List of products you would like to order or need more information on. An email with links to your selected products and Online Shop basket will be generated. Send your Wish List to yourself or anyone you choose with a click of a button. Orders placed through the app will ship within 24 hours.

Your On-The-Go Solution For Tracking And Managing Product Orders

Want to know when your products will be delivered? Need to refer to an old order? It's easy with the Festo FAST mobile app where you can quickly check your order status and review order history. Access to FedEx and UPS tracking will let you know exactly when your products will arrive.

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