Communications and radar technology

Telecommunication technologies and radar technologies both require three components: a transmitter, a transmission medium, and a receiver. Of course, in communication technologies the receiver is usually another person, while in radar technologies the receiver is an electronic device that converts received information into a usable format. Both technology areas, however, need trained professionals for operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


Fully-operational telecommunications training systems provide students with real, hands-on experience in telecommunications right in the classroom. These systems are a valuable tool for educating students interested in today’s dynamic communications industry.

The innovative and fully-operational Radar Training System is highly realistic, combining real-world radar with the power of modern surveillance technology. The system reflects the standards and technologies used in modern radar systems, making it a valuable tool for training students or industry workers.

Our communications and radar solutions cover the following fields:

Telecommunications and Radar Technology

Network Protocols


Training systems cover such topics as:

Analog, digital, fiber optic, Bluetooth, Internet, mobile, and RFID communications technologies.

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Data Processing and Modulation


Training systems cover such topics as:

Analog and digital communications, pulse and digital modulation, ADSL, spread spectrum technologies, scrambling, and differential encoding.

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Data Transmission and Propagation


Training systems cover such topics as:

Microwave technology, antenna training and measuring, satellite communication, channel performance, and frequency conversion.

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Radar Technology


Training systems cover such topics as:

All aspects of radar technology.

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Training systems cover such topics as:

Modern telephone networks, digital private automatic branch exchanges (PABX), and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN).

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