Electric power technology

Electric Power is created by a generator at a power plant, then transmitted from the plant to the distribution grid, and sent from there to end users like homes, businesses, electric vehicle charging stations, etc. Our world-leading training program in electric power technology fully addresses the increasingly diversified needs for training in the wide field of electrical energy.


Electric Power Technology learning solutions by Festo Didactic combine hardware, software, and curriculum content aimed at maximizing learning and experimentation. The program starts with a variety of courses providing in-depth topic coverage of the fundamentals related to the field of electrical energy. It then builds on the knowledge gained by the student through these basic courses to provide training in more advanced subjects, such as electrical power transmission, power electronics, energy production from renewable resources, and smart-grid technologies.

The sturdy workstations, modules, and components ensure a prolonged service life in the demanding training laboratory environment and are designed to ensure user safety.

Electric Power Technology training solutions

Five topic areas:

Electric Machines and Power Circuits


Training systems cover such topics as:

Electricity fundamentals, electric drive technology, electromechanical systems, motor winding, magnetism, electromagnetic induction, and construction techniques for electrical machines.

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Motor Controls and Drives


Training systems cover such topics as:

Electric motor controllers, PLCs, industrial motor controls, variable-frequency drives, servo drives, and digital servo motion control

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Power Electronics


Training systems cover such topics as:

Power electronic components and devices, four-quadrant dynamometer/power supply, data acquisition and control, and DC motor drives.

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Renewable Energies


Training systems cover such topics as:

DC power circuits, lead-acid batteries, solar and wind power, hydrogen fuel cells, home energy production, and large-scale energy storage.

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Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, and Protection


Training systems cover such topics as:

DC power circuits, AC transmission, DFIG principles, transformers, and protective relays.

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Your electrical engineering lab, your way

Electric power technology training systems are your future-proof foundation for practical training in electrical engineering.

Our complete didactic concept supports learning and teaching in basic electric power, rotating machines, power electronics, smart grid, renewable energies, and industrial controls.

It is the backbone of countless laboratories in technical schools, colleges, universities, research centers, and utility and industrial companies worldwide.

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