Electricity and electronics

Multilayered, capacity-building tools in the techniques of electron flow

Electricity and electronics are essential technologies that are widely applied across an astounding variety of industries and applications. Many students and workers need to understand, to varying degrees, electrical principles, electronic circuitry, and components, thus necessitating diverse training requirements.

Building abstract knowledge though practical training

Our electricity and electronics learning solutions cater to a wide variety of training requirements, whether for use within the framework of specialized electronics studies or for other fields of study, such as automation, avionics, or telecommunications.

Comprehensive study material, supported by extensive hands-on activities, help learners grasp abstract, theoretical concepts in a highly effective way.

Choose among a selection of self-contained packages

Many equipment sets focus on particular subjects. Their modular design makes most of them compatible with other learning solutions in electrical engineering, as well as with standard lab furniture. The vast majority can also be further enhanced by web-based training courses, as well as Tec2Screen® courses, so that students can benefit from our innovative Connected Learning concept.

Go for a unique, complete training program in electronics

Students enrolled in specialized electronics training programs need to get acquainted and experiment with circuit boards and electronics components. FACET ® combines hardware, courseware, and software, providing a complete, unique learning solution for the study of electronics.

The workstation consists of a base unit and your choice of printed circuit boards covering a wide range of topics. Each board comes with comprehensive, hands-on instruction with theory and practice. Built-in circuit modification and fault-insertion capabilities teach real-world troubleshooting.

FACET® is suitable for a multitude of training purposes in educational, industrial, R&D and training laboratories. When combined with the eSeries multimedia courses, FACET® becomes a totally integrated learning system that enhances learning speed and retention.

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Convey the basic concepts of AC/DC electrical circuits, electrical components, electromagnetism, measuring instruments, and more.

Discover training equipment focused on the basics of electronics and electricity

Digital electronics

Cover digital circuits and logic fundamentals, microprocessors, and microcontrollers.

View training equipment for digital signal processing and digital electronics

Communication electronics

Teach topics related to analog and digital communications, fiber optics, transmission lines, and QPSK/OQPSK/DPSK technologies.

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Industrial electronics and electricity

Provide practical training on (electro-)magnetism, transducers, thyristors, transistors, motors, generators, and controls.

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