Manufacturing Automation and Industry 4.0/Industrial Internet of Things

Factory automation and Industry 4.0/IIOT

Take advantage of our expertise in the field of manufacturing automation – from the fundamentals of technology to complete industrial automation.

Do you want to convey expertise in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics, mechatronics, IT, sensor technology, and micro-systems? Our learning systems offer hands-on, interdisciplinary training in dynamic fields of science and technology. Using state-of-the-art technologies, you will be able to teach planning and equipment and systems automation in a hands-on, interdisciplinary way.

Practice-oriented learning systems for automation technology

Production processes are becoming more and more automated, which means that equipment, processes, manufacturing and production systems, and measuring and control equipment and systems must be planned, produced, and optimized. All of this requires sound, hands-on technical expertise.

Our modular learning systems are equipped with the most modern industrial components, enabling you to teach the core competencies for mechatronics and automation technology in a hands-on, project-oriented way necessary for the demanding manufacturing industry.

Learning solutions for various topics:

Control technology

Learning systems for control technology

In addition to actuators and sensors, controllers are a central element in automation technology. Our control concept for teaching PLC programming and relay circuits in the fluid power lab enables you to provide expertise in open and closed-loop control, monitoring, (process) data collection, communication, and diagnostics. A simple, safe system that enables learners to become familiar with processes and technologies in the field of control technology.

Overview of control technology

MPS® – Modular Production System

MPS mechatronics learning system

Our classic mechatronics and electronics training lets you rely on a tried-and-true concept. With MPS® – the “sports equipment” of the professional mechatronics world championships – you’re able to teach tomorrow’s technicians everything that distinguishes automated manufacturing: the integration of mechanical engineering, electronics and information technology for mechatronics, and the fundamentals of automation technology.

Overview of MPS® Modular Production Systems

Industry 4.0 learning systems

Cyber-Physical Factory

The digitalization of production requires new and highly-flexible solutions for the training of both industry personnel and vocational school trainees. Our cyber-physical learning systems respond to this need by covering a broad range of topics involving Industry 4.0/Industrial Internet of Things. Provide fundamental and in-depth knowledge of digital, fully-automated production technologies with our CP Lab and CP Factory cyber-physical systems.

Overview of I4.0/IIoT solutions

Industrial robotics

Learning systems for industrial robotics

Our comprehensive training concept in industrial robotics consists of robot stations, programming and simulation software, and project-based courseware.

Overview of industrial robotics

Mobile robotics

Mobile Robotics with Robotino

In addition to industrial robots, mobile robots and service robots are also becoming increasingly important. To enable you to successfully integrate robotics into programs and lab facilities, we offer industrial, as well as mobile and service robots, such as Robotino®. Robotino® is the ideal foundation for research and training.

Overview of mobile robotics

CAD/CAM and machines


Providing CNC expertise in a professional and future-oriented way means teaching students and trainees at the highest industrial standards: from machine tools and software to teaching materials. We’re happy to support you in developing a complete solution.

Overview of CAD/CAM and machines

Networking and data security

Networking and Data Security

Within the context of automation technology, new and complex issues are emerging regarding cybersecurity and data protection. Ethernet, switching, routing, remote access, encryption, VPN, access control, virtual LAN, etc. present great challenges. With NetLab, we provide you with an educational tool that greatly simplifies the teaching of these complex topics.

Overview of networking and data security

Energy monitoring and management

Learning systems for energy management

Experts in the fields of renewable energy sources and energy management are in greater demand than ever before. Is this topic already included in your curriculum, and would you like to complement theory with hands-on applications? Take advantage of our solutions.

Overview of energy management and monitoring

Automation software

Automation Software

Software packages for programming and visualization, as well as learning software, are assigned to the respective training content of the various technology fields, for example control technology or robotics.

Overview of automation software

Teaching materials for Manufacturing Automation

Training media

Make use of all of the training media required for your instruction in a range of formats: from workbooks, textbooks, and technical books to web-based training and Tec2Screen® courses to situational information retrieval.

More about our training media

Industry 4.0 User’s Guide: Educator Edition

Industry 4.0 User's Guide: Educator Edition

To train Worker 4.0 effectively, educators must adapt the current formats and contents of degrees and training programs. Industry 4.0 continues to push innovations at lightning speed, meaning partnership and collaboration with employers is vital. Hands-on training methods may also need to be updated, as Worker 4.0 will be using more advanced technologies in the workplace than exist on college campuses today. This guide provides a look at what educators need to know about Industry 4.0 and how they can best prepare Worker 4.0 for the realities of the current and future factory.