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CP application modules

CP application modules

All application modules can be mounted on both CP Factory basic modules and CP Lab pallet transfer systems. The latest industrial technologies determine the training content of the stations. The use of standardized interfaces means that it only takes a few minutes to interchange the application modules. This quick conversion leaves more time for different training set-ups and content.

The application modules:


Measuring application module

With the Measuring application module, you can focus two laser distance sensors on two measurement points for specific parts. For this purpose, the two sensors are mounted on an adjustable measurement stand.

Workpiece output

Workpiece Output application module

The Workpiece Output application module is equipped with a two-axis handling system and is used to dispense workpieces on two roller conveyors. You can use this application module as a manual work station for workpiece removal and collection.


Drilling application module

With the Drilling application module, two drilling spindles are advanced in the Z direction and moved in the X direction. This makes it possible to drill two (simulated) pairs of holes into a workpiece.

Drilling CPS

Drilling CPS application module

With the Drilling CPS application module, two drilling spindles are advanced in the Z direction and moved in the X direction. This makes it possible to drill two pairs of holes into a workpiece. The integrated intelligent controller with web interface monitors the operating states of the individual actuators and is able to automatically generate order recommendations for spare and wearing parts via the web interface.


Magazine application module

With the Magazine application module, the “front shell” or “rear shell” workpieces are stored in a magazine shaft. If there’s a pallet below the stacking magazine, the workpiece is separated and placed onto the pallet.

Muscle Press

Muscle Press application module

With the Muscle Press application module, the pressing process is carried out via proportional pressure control. Generated force is precisely measured with a dynamometer. The pressing force is absorbed and dissipated by an additional guide and doesn’t affect the conveyor.

Tunnel Furnace

Tunnel Furnace application module

The Tunnel Furnace application module is used to control workpiece temperature up to a maximum of 176° F (80° C). The temperature control range is manually affected by using ventilation flaps, allowing the simulation of disturbances.


Turning application module

The Turning application module uses a pneumatic handling system to turn workpieces. The module is designed to handle cube-shaped workpieces.

Camera Inspection

Camera Inspection application module

The camera in the Camera Inspection application module is used within the process as an intelligent and universal sensor for quality assurance via visual inspection.


Pick-by-Light application module

The Pick-by-Light application module makes it possible to integrate manual assembly sequences with operator guidance into assembly lines. The assembly sequence is selected in the MES4 routing card.

Technical data

Construction: module frame made of aluminum profiles
Rack with eight picking trays
Integrated pick-by-light controller
Supply: 24 V DC
Interface: Ethernet